10 Best Shows to Watch Before Netflix’s ‘The Sandman’

the sandman coming to Netflix on August 5, 2022! The anticipated dark fantasy series is based on the graphic novels written by the acclaimed author Neil Gaimanfirst published by DC in 1989. While Gaiman has struggled in the past with adaptations of his literary works, even suggesting that the sandman was maladjusted, but moods have shifted and Gaiman takes the helm of the series as writer and showrunner.

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Gaiman’s had a long career in writing, breaking out into comic books in the late ’80s, and hitting the big time after revamping Sandman’s aging DC character into the moody master of dreams we recognize today. Over the years, Gaiman’s unique stories have adapted, inspired others, and earned his ambitious reputation through his allusive and thought-provoking concepts of life and death.


‘Good omens’(2019)

Good omens stars Michael Sheen as Aziraphale, an angel, and David tennant as Crowley, a demon, both of whom have been on Earth since the beginning of creation. The two seasoned actors lead an ensemble cast as they attempt to thwart the apocalypse. As Gaiman often inspires, the show is rich in creative imagery and clever storytelling that let the cast shine through irreverent comedy.

Good omens served as Gaiman’s first published novel in 1990. Like the Sandman series, good omens’ first season was led by Gaiman as showrunner, calling the series a perfect stepping stone to a project as daunting as the sandman. On June 29, 2021 Good omens was renewed for a second season.

‘Lucifer’ (2016)

Fans’ favorite TV series, Match, follows the devil who leaves hell to move to LA, run a nightclub, and team up with LAPD detectives. Starring Tom Ellis as the titular character, Match had a decent start, but then shifted into high gear only to be canceled after season 3. Fan campaigns brought the series back to life, and Netflix pushed the show to its scheduled finale in Season 6.

This character of Lucifer is the DC Comics version of the devil created by Neil Gaiman in the original series the sandman comics. This put fans of Match to speculate whether Ellis would reprise his role, but that would not be the case. instead of pouring the sandman to the tone and established arc of Match, Gaiman chose to recast the role to suit the needs of the new series. This resulted in Game of Thrones and Star Wars alumni Gwendoline Christie to reboot Lucifer Morningstar’s stories.

‘Sweet bitter’ (2018)

sweet bitter stars Ella Purnell and Tom Sturridge in a drama series about a woman who is swept up in the whirlwind of intoxicated city life. Based on Stephanie Danler’s 2016 novel, the series fell short of the novel, but is interesting to watch given the cast of Tom Sturridge, who will soon debut as Dream in the sandman.

An accomplished theater actor, Sturridge won the Tony Award for Best Actor in a Play for his Broadway performance in being. Including sweet bitter, Sturridge has been cast in numerous supporting roles, but has yet to become a big hit. Sturridge beat over 600 actors for the role of Dream and finally gets his big moment.

‘Stardust’ (2007)

This 2007 romantic adventure features a star-studded cast of Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert de Niro. It stars too Charlie Coxlong before his tenure as the blind vigilante in daredevil (2015). Cox’s character, Tristan, must evade witches, evil princes and flying pirates to protect a fallen star who turns out to be a beautiful young woman, Yvaine (Claire Danes).

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stardustchannels a little more of Gaiman’s romance and humor, and is even a little silly at times with his whimsical adventure. Often compared to that ofThe princess bride (1987), the visually fantastic story still contains some strong, if somewhat outdated, visual effects and a charming cast that has kept it in the hearts of Gaiman fans.

Justice League Dark (2017)

While Sandman doesn’t seem to be a typical cartoon character, Dream has occasionally interacted with Batman and Martian Manhunter. The original Sandman came in 1939 as Wesley Dodd, wearing a green suit, fedora, and gas mask. It wasn’t until Gaiman got his hands on the DC character in 1989 that it would lead to the Bowie-inspired version of Dream we know today.

Justice League Dark follows an adjacent Justice League team battling supernatural threats. The animated film features John Constantine (Matt Ryan), and Jason Blood, aka Etrigan the Demon (Ray Chase), characters who are both in the first few issues of the sandman comics. Justice League Dark is a fun crash course in the pocket of comic book storytelling devoted to occult and mystical arts that the sandman lives in.

‘Victoria’ (2016)

The critically acclaimed British historical drama Victoria stars Jenna Coleman as the titular character Queen Victoria. Coleman will play in soon the sandman as Constantine. No, not a gender-swapped version of the famous con man, but Johanna Constantine, John’s ancestor. Gaiman created Johanna as a tribute to fellow writer Alan Moorecreator of John Constantine.

Victoria features three seasons that delve into the early life of Queen Victoria, whose extensive British rule lasted from 1837 to 1901. The acclaimed series is considered one of Britain’s juggernauts Downton Abbey (2010), and Coleman gets praise for her performance.

‘His Dark Materials’ (2019)

Are dark materials is based on novels by Sir Philip Pullman, one of Gaiman’s peers in the world of the British literary elite. the stars Dafne Keenerecognizable by her breakthrough role as Laura, or X-23, in Logan (2017), as an orphaned girl who lives in a magical world and discovers a kidnapping plan with animal friends. The fantasy drama on HBO Max will release Season 3 in November 2022.

The link to the sandman is on the production crew. Jamie Childs directed six episodes of Are dark materials, including the finales of both Season 1 and Season 2. Childs also directed the first two episodes of Season 2, taking on major responsibility during the series’ most pivotal moments. In front of the sandman Childs sat in the director’s chair for four of the eleven episodes.

‘Dark City’ (1998)

dark city is a visual treat for anyone who craves the darkness and imaginative side of Sci-Fi. Starring Rufus Sewell, Kiefer Sutherland, Jennifer Connelly and William Hurt, follows a man who suffers from amnesia and frantically tries to avoid strangers through a nightmare-fed city. The critically acclaimed and visually spectacular film plays on one’s idea of ​​reality and existence, themes so similar to Neil Gaiman’s.

dark city was co-written by David S. Goyerwho worked closely with Gaiman to write the upcoming series the sandman. Goyer is most famous for his screenplay writing contributions to: The Dark Knightand Sheet trilogies, as well as Man of Steel(2013), Batman V. Superman (2016) and the series Constantine (2014), with his feet firmly on both the comic book and fantasy genres.

‘American Gods’ (2017)

Based on Gaiman’s 2001 novel, american gods didn’t see Gaiman at the helm, but still wears his fantastic mark of intrigue. The series begins with an encounter with Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle), a recently released prisoner who meets a mysterious man named Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane) who hires Shadow as his bodyguard.

There’s more to this encounter, though, as Shadow is then launched into a hidden world of magic. Shadow is introduced to a conflict between the Old Gods and their fear of losing their influence to the New Gods, guardians of technology and global media. american godsis yet another example of Gaiman’s passion for anthropomorphism, the personification of human elements into gods.

‘The Witcher’ (2019)

The Witcher stars Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia, a respected hunter, or Witcher, who travels across the land slaying monsters, until fate intertwines and is faced with protecting a young girl (Freya Allan). Based on the novels and video games of the same name, the series has been praised for its dark fantasy violence, Cavill’s portrayal of the Stoic warrior and respect for the source material.

The WitcherFeatures Director Louise Hooperwho directed two episodes of Season 2, including the penultimate episode, and controlled two episodes of the sandman. The Witcher is another Netflix title cementing the streaming service as a frontrunner in fantasy television. Among The Witcherand Weird stuff (2016), Netflix is ​​known to put much of the change in the original titles. the sandman Netflix reportedly costs about $15 million per episode, so again, Netflix isn’t taking any punches.

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