3 types of Philips Hue smart bulbs you probably don’t know

In the beginning, the Philips Hue smart light range basically consisted of incandescent bulbs to screw or plug into traditional sockets, some downlights and some light strips, but looking at their current range there are a huge variety of options for many. rooms of your home, from bathrooms to living rooms, as well as your front and backyard.

Another big difference is that it’s possible to control up to 10 of the newer Hue lights via Bluetooth instead of needing a Hue Bridge controller to use them. If you want to control more than 10, a Bridge can support up to 50 Hue lamps.

There are currently 96 product options listed on the Hue website for Australia, here are 3 types that caught my eye:

The original range of Hue lamps had a modernist design that would be out of place in an older style home. Designed to resemble old-fashioned incandescent lamps, the Philips Hue Filament range uses efficient LED technology that consumes far less electricity and generates far less heat than incandescent lamps used to be.

There are many outdoor weatherproof options, including spotlight, wall, light strip, floodlight, pedestal and the low voltage Amaranth linear outdoor lamp which can be used in series to illuminate a wall, fence or hedge with beautiful white or colorful light.

If you like lamps, there are several light bars, the portable Go light, the Play gradient light tube and the minimalist Signe lamp that would work great as mood lighting on the floor.

Of course none of these are cheap, Hue products have the premium price of the smart bulbs available in the market.

While there are cheaper options for base lamps and light strips, no other brand offers a comparably high-quality wide range of smart light products that can all be controlled from the same app.

What do you think of the new range of Philips Hue smart bulbs?