I’ve been incredibly busy with school holidays and so most of the coaching work so haven’t posted for a while so here’s a free post on how I made the leap this year to coaching school footy in the AGSV system I have thoroughly enjoyed.

I will be posting all these training sessions in this way going forward but they will be part of the level 3 membership but will show how most of these have progressed as well as other team tactical stuff we tried during the season to implement – all that can help your own coaching now and in the future.

I have a co-coaching position in my main team (senior B’s) but I also help with other training sessions where they need an extra coach so I have also trained 7th – 10th year teams and assisted with coaching in year 8 guys and one of the junior girls teams.

The very first training session I was alone with the senior B and C’s on my own and I didn’t know anyone at all there where we had about 30 players which was also the same day they all came back for term 2.

On Wednesdays we train outside the main campus so the players get a bus from school to the ground and we only really get 60 – 70 minutes of training time by the time they get there and then we have to leave which limits us to 3 – 4 activities /session.

Based on all the uncertainty above, I hadn’t planned anything too complicated, so here’s what I did that very first session:


Nobody knows me, I don’t know any of them and some of them barely know each other so let’s play a simple game to get the ball rolling with limited talk and get some smiles as we have motivation continuum within the group of extremely high to non-existent.

You’ve probably all played this before so it’s just 2 teams, 1 football each, both teams just handball to each other and try to bounce the balls in the middle and whoever catches a ball from the collision gets a point.


Again nothing groundbreaking so it’s a 4v1 with all the attacking players in a small square corner against the single defender. Offensive players can only handball to corner teammates to their left or right, not over or through the middle. It’s really the defender that makes this activity what it’s meant to be (quick/clean hands and decision making), so make the score defense bias like in who can intercept the most balls and keep a score sheet to build competitiveness (I haven’t although!).


I saw this kick activity on the Collingwood Twitter page and although it is a skittles to skittles practice it still uses some representative information about the game such as the man on the point and the new rules regarding them .

This didn’t work out very well because there were more 3rds players than 2nds players and as I found out most of them barely play sports let alone community football and are just here because they have to be literal, with sports part of their compulsory curriculum.

This would work well with higher level players though, another interesting thing I found is that they don’t even play the stand rule so I wouldn’t have even used it if I had known!

Anyway, here it is:


It got to the point where teaching wasn’t going to happen anymore and they all kept kicking balls away to the goals so let’s bring in some of that and finish so we did the old 5 star handball in a tight group then blow the whistle both teams have a pot at the goals and see who wins.