5 reasons why you should take a Pilates Mat class

You may find it difficult to choose between Pilates mat classes and Pilates equipment classes if you are new to Pilates. While the equipment is essentially symbolic of Pilates, a traditional mat class is still worth your time. Don’t knock on the mat, but if you have a chance to use the equipment, do so.

Pilates on the mat is ideal for beginners because you can adjust the repetitions according to your physical limitations. Other than that, all you need is a mat, some open space, and common items to use as props.

It involves floor exercises that strengthen the body and engage the brain’s stress-relieving mechanisms. It’s easy to understand how strength, flexibility, coordination, and attention combine to make life simpler and happier, thanks to Pilates’s emphasis on mind-body connections.

Why should you take Pilates Mat Class?

It’s time to re-learn the undeniable benefits of mat exercise for those of you who are equipment-obsessed and skip your mat classes. Here are five:

1) Burns fat and calories

Most of us are motivated to exercise because of flabby abs, excess weight in arms and legs, thick hips and buttocks. Lucky for us, Pilates mat exercises target the body’s motor—the glutes, hips, lower back, and pelvic floor.

Pilates mat exercises are designed to strengthen the core of the body, but you will almost certainly burn calories and lose extra weight in the process. If you want to lose weight quickly, you can try running, swimming and other aerobic exercises in addition to Pilates.

Traditional Pilates was created as a low-impact exercise to gradually increase strength. However, studies suggest that it can help reduce BMI and calories, as well as help produce a smaller waist, flatter abs and leaner hips.

2) Prevents injury

The body muscles balanced by Pilates are neither too lax and weak nor too rigid. The body is more prone to damage when the muscles are too slack, too weak, or too rigid.

Pilates places a strong emphasis on developing dynamic strength, which improves your ability to support and stabilize your joints as you move. According to research, Pilates is a useful technique to reduce the risk of sports injuries.

3) Improves your body, mind and soul

Pilates instruction is designed to help you develop your body, mind and spirit. The practice adheres to the principles of breath, control, focus, accuracy, centering and flow to regain control of your mind, soul and body.

Pilates becomes more than just a physical workout with these benefits. The effects you experience can even affect your mental health as Pilates permeates every aspect of your life.

This exercise is one to try if you’re having trouble staying focused and focused. Pilates encourages you to pay attention to your body and breathing.

4) Boosts Immunity

The COVID-19 outbreak has taught us that a strong immune system can mean the difference between life and death. Now that we are aware that the virus is targeting the lungs, it is critical to maintain lung health and resistance.

You can strengthen your lungs by doing Pilates, in addition to not smoking and exposing yourself to pollutants. How can you do that?

The exercises begin with proper posture so that the diaphragm can contract and rest as it should. Second, Pilates teaches breathing techniques that increase oxygen circulation, making our body work more effectively and heal faster.

Pilates teaches us how to breathe properly, making us aware of how our bodies function and our susceptibility to any warning signs of illness.

5) Reduces stress and anxiety

The neck, shoulders, chest and hips are where we experience the most tension. We become more and more stressed due to the progression of tension from discomfort to excruciating pain. The idea of ​​Pilates is that in order to break the pattern of stress currents, we need to learn how to move and think properly.

In the mat lessons you learn to pay attention to your body and to respond constructively to your ideas. Pilates teaches you to focus on what is happening in the moment rather than potential problems. It teaches you to be mindful.

To take off

One of the many benefits of taking a Pilates class is how it can enhance your entire fitness program. It increases your concentration and performance in other sports. If you’re already on a regular exercise regimen, adding Pilates will make that even more fun.

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