5 Scenarios That Will Never Happen in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are many things to do in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

According to last night’s Nintendo Direct Mini trailer, the land of Dreamlight Valley was once “an idyllic land.” That was, of course, until all their stuff started to stink. Everything went to the trash, houses were lost, ducks were sad. It was a dark time.

The stinker in question? A mysterious force called ‘The Forgetting’. I know The Forgetting all too well, because I’m a Silly Sally who does forget. I’d forget my heinie if it didn’t fart. Is that the point? I think that it.

Anyway, The Forgetting started to stink and now it sucks, so it’s up to the playable character to spray some Air Wick around and get the stink out. And hey, that playable character might just be me!

In addition to refurbishing Dreamlight Valley (since the Disney characters can’t seem to do anything without the help of a random stranger), you can also do some fun activities with the various Disney folk who inhabit the land. From the look of the trailer, the activities seem to line up with the entire shtick of the characters.

You cook with Remy the rat from Ratatouilleyou clean up waste and plant new life with Wall-E from Wall-Eand you go fishing with the snow abomination Olaf van Frozen

But what else is there to do? More importantly, what else is there? do not† I’ve decided to look at the many characters from the Disney franchise and give some ideas for what you probably can’t do in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Wooden little boys curse to a life of truth with the Blue Fairy

Image: Disney

Some may think that what the Blue Fairy did was very nice, but we must remember that she essentially brought a child to life and then immediately cursed him.

I think one of the activities in Disney Dreamlight Valley probably won’t find the little wooden boy creations of sad lonely old men and bring them to life… at a price. You probably couldn’t even pick the curse.

For example, you can bring a wooden boy to life, but every time he lies, one of his teeth becomes sensitive, gets a face and will always scream.

But you can’t do that, sorry.

Smoking with the Caterpillar

5 Scenarios That Will Never Happen in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Image: Disney

The whole Alice in Wonderland The situation is full of illegal drugs. They are all clearly on to something.

The caterpillar seems pretty cool though, so I think it would be a cool activity to get into a 2004 Toyota Camry Altise with the caterpillar and hotbox it with a thick, smelly doink. Just really shake it up with that roly-poly dude. But alas, this is a game full of children’s media characters, so you probably won’t be able to do this.

Even though the caterpillar got high in the Disney movie, you can’t.

Eating 60 eggs in one sitting with Gaston

Image: Disney

Gaston looks like this because when he was a kid, he ate 48 eggs in one sitting in the morning, and when he grew up, he went to 60 eggs.

I think it would make sense for an activity in Disney Dreamlight Valley to force yourself to eat 60 eggs in one sitting. Especially after lighting with the caterpillar. During this process you will become terribly ill. This is disgusting what you are doing. For that reason alone, I don’t think it will appear, as it might scare the other Disney characters.

Hearing the saddest things you’ve ever heard with Eeyore

5 Scenarios That Will Never Happen in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Image: Disney

This is one that I definitely don’t think will be included.

You have to sit with the world’s saddest donkey for 4 hours straight as he tells you about all the sorrow in the world. These activities could not be skipped, vital to completing the game, must be done every day and you cannot turn off your console or PC while they are taking place. War, famine, sad animal facts, grim memories of your own mortality. These are all things Eeyore would discuss.

Why do I think this wouldn’t show up in? Disney Dreamlight Valley† Well, of course it’s not fun at all.

Steal everything you need from Scrooge McDuck

5 Scenarios That Will Never Happen in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Image: Disney

This one is less of an activity WITH Scrooge McDuck, but more like an ACT ON Scrooge McDuck.

Scrooge McDuck is worth $65.4 billion USD, according to Forbes’ Fictional 15 list. That’s too much money for one duck, but it seems unlikely you’ll be allowed to take his exorbitant wealth from him.

In fact, according to the trailer, it looks like you might have to help him rebuild his mansion. Hate that. You should be able to steal from the duck.

Jokes aside, I have to admit that I’ll probably be playing this game at launch, and I’ll probably have a lot of fun with it. However, I want to be able to steal from Scrooge McDuck.