7 beautiful white sand beaches around Toronto that resemble a day trip to the tropics

It is the season for beach days and you can find some beautiful white sand beaches around Toronto. These beaches make for tropical day trips and you can enjoy swimming, sunshine and more.

From dune-filled shores to beaches with real palm trees, you can spend your summer days as if you were on vacation.

Wasaga Beach

Price: Prices vary

Address: 1 Jenetta St., Wasaga Beach, ON

Why you should go: With 14 kilometers of white sand, this is the longest freshwater beach in the world, and you can spend the day as if you were in another country.


Port Dover . Beach

Price: Free

Address: Port Dover, ON

Why you should go: If you’re in the mood for a taste of the tropics, this beach is the place to be. The area has real palm trees so it feels like you have flown to Florida.


Sand Hill Park

Price: $12 per adult

Address: 930 Lakeshore Rd., Port Burwell, ON

Why you’ve got to go: This natural wonder has 100-meter-high sand mountains that will make you forget you’re in Ontario. This year you can admire the landscape from the new viewing platform.


Bay Beach

Price: $5+ entry

Address: 4155 Erie Rd., Crystal Beach, ON

Why you should go: Bay Beach, also known as Crystal Beach, has clear waters, white sand beaches, and activities like water sports and picnics. Day passes are mandatory and can be purchased at the entrance.


Sandbanks Provincial Park

Price: Prices vary

Address: 3004 County Rd. 12, Picton, ON

Why you’ve got to go: Rolling white sand dunes await in this beautiful provincial park, which is home to the world’s largest baymouth barrier dune information. You can swim at the three natural beaches and enjoy the view.


Sugar Beach

Price: Free

Address: Toronto, ON

Why you should go: You don’t have to leave the city to enjoy white sand. Sugar Beach is a picturesque place to relax under a pink umbrella and enjoy the view of the water.


Victoria Beach

Price: $5 parking per hour

Address: 750 D’Arcy St., Cobourg, ON

Why you should go: You can laze on clean sandy shores and take a dip in the water at this beach, making for a dreamy summer day trip.


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