7 Most Exciting Reveals From June’s Nintendo Direct, According To Reddit

Rumors of when Nintendo’s next Direct showcase will be are routine among players, and while the latest presentation wasn’t the general one many had hoped for, it had its fair share of interesting announcements. The Nintendo Direct Mini showcased a range of upcoming third-party games coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Although this Nintendo Direct Mini/Partner Showcase was smaller, fans on Reddit still found some notable reveals, namely some high-profile and highly anticipated ports. This is especially the case with the Persona series, in addition to a surprise appearance for NieR:Vending Machines and Monster Hunter Rise‘s DLC expansion solar time get another spotlight before release.


Persona 3 Portable, 4 Golden and 5 Royal Ports

Key art of the protagonists of Persona 5R, 4G and 3P being ported.

It is one of the most wanted ports for the Nintendo Switch since the original version of Persona 5 was released worldwide and Atlus fulfilled many requests on the latest Direct at the latest. Even better than just either version of 5it has been confirmed that Persona 3 Portable 4 Goldenand 5 Royal will all be on the Switch in a year or so. Redditor Spy_Fox64 was pleasantly surprised, saying, “Wow, all those surveys weren’t useless. I hope everyone who hasn’t had a chance to play them before can enjoy these great games.”

Person 5 Royal was widely hailed as one of the best modern JRPGs, and it’s great to see Atlus finally recognizing the success of PC and other gaming platforms after the successful re-release of 4 golden in 2020. The writing was on the wall after these ports were also announced for Xbox earlier this month, but this still holds great promise since persona 3 hasn’t seen a reissue in any capacity since the PSP days.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Trailer

Key art of a team of fighters fighting a Malzeno in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion was one of the highly anticipated DLC of 2022, and the Nintendo Direct Mini gave it another trailer spotlight before its release. This latest trailer showcased some of the new and returning monsters from the past, as well as the story this new expansion is all about. Redditor FunstuffQC commented, “I’m extremely excited about this. I really enjoy Rise. I’ve been playing MH (Tri) for a long time and while it’s definitely not the same game, I really enjoy the movement and how fast everything goes.”

solar time seems to lean more into western fantasy for the vibe of this new kingdom, with the new flagship monster Malzeno as a vampire-themed dragon taking over a page from Dracula. The base game has been praised for streamlining gameplay even more than World without sacrificing the addictive gameplay loop, and solar time seems to continue on that success.

NieR:Automata The End of YoRHa Edition Port

Key art of 2B with 9S and A2 crouched in the background.

What started as the mediocre? dragon garden games on the PS2 evolved into the acclaimed hit that was NieR:Vending Machines during the PS4 and Xbox One generations. NieR:Vending Machines was a widely-received action-RPG for its high-octane combat – courtesy of Platinum Games – and the thought-provoking and deeply emotional storytelling of game director Yoko Taro.

Redditor Joseki100 praised the game, saying, “You can make it a point that it’s the best game of the generation. A real experience. I hope people buy it.” vending machines took a particularly creative approach to the story structure, encouraging players to “replay” the game more than once to get the full story.

Pac-Man World Re-PAC

Pac-Man World is a classic platformer for a comeback.

On a smaller scale but refreshing change of pace, Nintendo revealed that a remake of the PS1 original Pac-Man World is on its way with the subtitle Re-PAC† The 1999 original was well-received for its colorful atmosphere, characters, solid control scheme, and fun platforming gameplay.

Redditor ImAnthlon was pleased with the surprise announcement, saying that “the remake of Pac-Man World surprised me the most to be honest. I love the trend of recreating old 3D platformers.” Other beloved platform mascots have received similar treatments, especially the well-received Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Portal: Companion Collection Ports

Portal: Companion Collection key art featuring the Companion Cube entering a blue portal.

While Valve is understandably much more known for their Steam PC showcase given how sparse their work in game development is, the publisher is Portal games are still often regarded as some of the best games ever made. The Direct Mini showed a Portal: Companion Collection launch trailer announcing the release date would be later that same day.

Redditor TheOsttle has been a longtime fan and appreciated the ports, saying, “I’d love to see these come to other consoles as well. Portal 2 is probably my all-time favorite game, so I plan to buy it as often as I can.” need.” Portal and Portal 2 were praised for their creativity in the genres they tackled. Both games strike a clever and engaging balance between a compelling sci-fi story, dark humor, puzzle solving, platforming and cooperative play.

Dragon Quest Treasures

Dragon Quest Treasures Connect with DQ 11

Square Enix’s dragon quest series is another franchise that has seen a welcome rise in international fame since then XI was released to critical acclaim in the latest console generation and quickly became one of the best RPGs on the Switch. The publisher wants to further expand the series with spin-offs in addition to the regular games, with: Dragon Quest Treasures next until launch in December.

Redditor Hoshi321 was optimistic about the state of the franchise as a whole, noting that “DQ Treasures looks great. A great time to be a DQ fan as DQX is also coming out this year (JP only) and DQXII probably too not too far away.” Dragon Quest: Treasures looks like it will contain elements of others dragon quest spin-offs like collecting monsters from samples and the basic building and manufacturing of builders

Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher

Gameplay still of a giant monster in a settlement in Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher.

Although it was an unexpected announcement, the Japanese Nintendo Direct Mini presentation showed an exclusive look at Ultra Kaiju Monster RancherMonster Rancher is a beloved niche series of life simulation RPGs in which players raise monsters with what pokemonlike fighting mechanics.

Redditor ragnakor101 noted this sneak peek, saying, “As usual for Nintendo Directs, JP got one more announcement: a new Monster Rancher. Or Kaiju. Kaiju Monster Rancher. I need it.” It seems like a nice natural progression to include giant monsters in the mix, and while it’s only set with a Japanese release, the Nintendo Switch is region free and Bandai Namco has confirmed it will make international English language versions for those who want to import Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher

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