9 Ways to Remove fleas On Your Dog Naturally

You may notice that your dog does not stop scratching at times. They would be so itchy that they would scratch themselves so hard that they would injure themselves. At such times, it is prudent to consider tick/flea treatments for your dogs that go beyond dog flea treatment brands and directly to the source of any treatment, namely nature.

However, before treating your dog for fleas, make sure to clean their bed, hut, vacuum everything, and thoroughly bathe your dog. Don’t forget to clean all of your clothes, towels, and furniture.

Natural flea treatments for your dog

9. Coconut oil

Because of its high lauric acid content, coconut oil is an excellent fatty oil for smothering fleas. Fleas are unable to breathe, move, or cling to the dog’s skin because their entire bodies are covered. Asphyxiation takes little to no time and is extremely effective in relieving your dog’s pain.

Take your dog outside before applying coconut oil to him. After that, spray coconut oil on your dog’s fur. The application, combined with the suffocation caused by the coconut oil, will almost certainly result in the fleas jumping out, thus the forethought of going outside. Make sure to rub the oil in thoroughly to allow it to penetrate their coat.