90 Day Fiancé Midseason Trailer Teases New Fights And Tearful Weddings

90 day fiance fans know the franchise has a lot more to offer.

We can also be sure that Season 9 will have more twists – not just the same storylines we’ve seen.

After ten episodes, the show has released a midseason trailer.

This teaser promises new developments, including new conflicts, new tears and a long-dreaded pregnancy scare.

On Wednesday 22 June, 90 day fiance offered this tantalizing glimpse into the future of Season 9.

As this teaser trailer (which you can watch below) kicks off, Kara and Guillermo are at some sort of rural cattle event.

It is a new cultural experience for Guillermo, more so than for most Americans who have never attended such a spectacle.

Meanwhile, things seem to be heating up for Emily and Kobe.

Editors have tried their best to give her a “rogue” edit, but Kobe doesn’t see things that way.

The two are looking for a bigger mattress, but he seems happy to try it out every now and then.

Patrick’s brother, John, has some life advice to offer.

The strange thing is, he might be right.

John notes that Patrick expects things to only “turn out” with Thais, but warns that this may not be the case.

Patrick and Thais have not had any tangible problems yet – they just struggle with communication and trust.

(Yes, those are real problems, but it’s not like cheating, or culture clash, or scams)

John may be referring to their existing problems that Patrick is struggling with, or to a new development.

Yvette and her friends are shown performing a ritual – it’s unclear what, from the few seconds of the teaser.

On its own, this would just keep her busy with her spiritual affairs along with like-minded friends.

However, Mohamed is there and based on this trailer he doesn’t like what he sees.

What is interesting is that Yvette visited a mosque before to learn about Mohamed’s culture.

Her overall conclusion was that the visit was educational, but a reminder that it’s not something she wants for herself.

Mohamed’s reaction seems more hostile than Yvette’s. why would she be the only one who is open-minded?

Emily and Kobe visit a drugstore, where she jokes that they should have bought condoms.

Remember when the only thing her parents were adamant about was that she wouldn’t have another baby when she got home?

Unfortunately, she and Kobe seem to be experiencing pregnancy anxiety.

Obviously, the show has misled viewers before.

Notoriously, the Brandon and Julia trailers featured a fake pregnancy teaser that turned out to be a false alarm.

But Emily and Kobe, for all their good qualities, may have made a mistake here. Time will tell.

In the Kansas City Lifetime movie plot that has Bilal Shaeeda go through, his ex-wife talks to her.

It sounds like Shahidah supports Bilal’s desire for a prenup (which, to be honest, is usually a good idea anyway).

But Shaeeda worries that her fiancé’s exes and others are having such an impact on his relationship with her.

Speaking of exes, Ariela’s ex-husband, Leandro, previously appeared on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way

They were married for a long time and remain good friends; their marriage only ended because they wanted other things.

While it’s relatively normal (if not necessarily common) to be friends with your ex in the US, Biniyam has struggled with this.

Leandro is not there to steal Ariela – quite the contrary.

His goal is to help Ari prepare for her wedding to Bini, including going to the clothing store with her.

Biniyam feels uneasy. Maybe it’s in the nature of serial cheaters to mistrust others for no reason?

Then we have Guillermo and Kara who, like Patrick and Thais, have no tangible problems.

They love each other, but they are still getting used to living together in the US.

In the teaser, Guillermo asks her how long she’s going to treat him like a kid. We don’t know the context.

Speaking of being treated like children, Jibri and Miona have an awkward conversation with his parents.

Mahala and Brian want to discuss the timeline when these two will leave the Rapid City house.

Jibri feels they are treating him like he’s 15 again. They point out that he is playing 15 again.

We see Kobe and Emily preparing for their wedding.

Their problems haven’t gone away, with Emily citing that new things keep popping up.

This vague conflict leads Kobe to storm away, or so the teaser has us believe.

Speaking of weddings, Shaeeda looks absolutely gorgeous in her wedding dress.

Unfortunately, we see her crying on her wedding day. They don’t seem like happy tears.

then, most 90 day fiance fans may also cry when they suddenly find out that they are getting married to Bilal.

Check out the teaser trailer for yourself.

As you can see, the video contains even more drama than we’ve covered here.

It will all unfold in the coming months. Then we can watch the Tell All!