A financial reward that delays De Jong’s switch to Manchester United

The departure of Frenkie de Jong to Manchester United, which would bring Barcelona around 80 million euros, is almost a reality.

And the Spanish newspaper “Sport” reports that De Jong is open to acceptance of the transfer and that he hopes to collect in the event of a postponement because of a bonus promised to him by the previous board of directors.

Frenke was increasingly looking forward to his future in the Premier League, initially hesitant and every time he was asked he replied that his goal was to continue at Barcelona, ​​that he was “at the best club in the world” and that he was very happy.

But Frenkie is now open to the possibility of moving to Manchester United, although according to the same information he must first resolve the economic situation with Barcelona.

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Apparently his agent is postponing De Jong’s departure because he hopes for a signing bonus promised by Josep Maria Bartomeu when the Dutchman arrived in Barcelona in January 2019.

An amount that the current board of directors is not willing to offer now, but that could somehow factor into the midfielder’s move to Manchester United, and the footballer’s representative would look for the formula and thus the trial would be postponed.