A Saudi offer to Cristiano Ronaldo .. a source reveals to CNN the value of the annual salary and the player’s position in the transfer

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo has received an offer from Saudi Arabia worth 300 million euros ($300 million) to join the team, according to a source in CNN Portugal who joined our network, revealed Thursday.

The source told CNN in Arabic that the total value of the bid was 300 million euros, divided into 250 million euros for Ronaldo over two years, 125 million euros as an annual salary.

The Saudi club offered United €30 million as deal value, and €20 million to agents, or what is known as the third party.

The source confirmed that Ronaldo is currently refusing to move outside of Europe as he wants to stay in European competition and play the Champions League.

The source also indicated that the player is not thinking about money at the moment as he thinks it is too early to go to Asia or North America before he stops playing football.

The source pointed out that Ronaldo has been out of sight in Portugal and Britain for two weeks and has not published anything on his social networking pages during this time.

It is noteworthy that the Portuguese player’s name has been linked to the move to a number of European clubs such as Bayern, Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea and Barcelona since he expressed to United his wish to leave the team .