A Splatoon 3 Switch OLED is coming and it looks beautiful

To celebrate the launch of Splatoon 3Nintendo is releasing a limited edition Splatoon Switch OLED with artwork inspired by the colorful team shooter.

The limited edition console includes a custom set of Joy-Con controllers with blue and yellow gradient. The subtle gradient of this really elevates the design from cute to super stylish. The Joy-Cons also feature Splatoon 3 characters and the game’s signature paint splatter, but these are layered under the gradients so they don’t stand out or interfere with the color scheme.

The console also comes with a graffiti-themed white Nintendo Switch dock and a splash of bright yellow paint on the bottom left.

Nintendo is also releasing a matching carrying case and, for those who prefer to play with a traditional controller, a Splatoon Switch Pro controller with matching colors and artwork.

The release date for the Splatoon 3 Switch is August 26, just before the Splatoon 3 game launch on September 9. The game features chaotic 4v4 matches between teams trying to paint the map with their color inks. There’s also a single-player campaign where you face off against the unruly Octarians to uncover the secrets of a mysterious place called Alterna and the Fuzzy Ooze. Splatoon 3 also introduces the next version of the co-op Salmon Run mode, where you team up with friends to fend off waves of bosses.

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Of course, the Splatoon 3 Switch also includes all the features and benefits of the regular Switch OLED, such as a 7-inch screen that is brighter and more vibrant than the regular and Lite consoles (which is perfect for playing a colorful game like Splatoon 3), 64 GB internal storage and enhanced audio in handheld and table mode.

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