A split between Al Hilal fans after the “Jabbanek Al Kass” campaign

Fans of Saudi Professional Football League champion Al Hilal were split between supporters and opponents of the “We bring you the cup and it being closer to you” initiative, which will allow the club’s fans to host the championship cup at home for a large amount.

Hosting the cup will be reserved for an hour and a half for just five thousand riyals ($1333) through the “Ghaz” application, and fans will have the opportunity to take commemorative photos, while the club will receive the necessary money to support its treasury .

Commenting on the initiative, fan Saleh Al-Shehhi said: “The club has the right to market as it wants, but there is a large part of the Al Hilal fans who have been in the stadium all season and the value of this sum of 5000.

“Vialet, there will be a selection of some loyal fans, and the cup will be home to them for free. So the marketing takes care of the able and the appreciation for the loyal ones.”

And cheerleader Shahd added: “The idea is a nice investment. My goodness, I’ve thought about it before and they’ve implemented it. The cup will be delivered to my home in exchange for a financial compensation that goes into the club’s profits.”

But the price 5000 is too much!! If it were at a lower price, he would put in a bigger budget for the club.”

While another fan named Miteb said: “I don’t like the prize. The ad is for the poor (the poor) and the needy, and it is known that the higher the prize goes to respectable people!! The management of Surely the club wants a certain group of the public.”

While other fans criticized the move, saying it constitutes exploitation of the fans.

Fahd Al-Suwailem said: “Unfortunately, the fans of Al-Zaeem used this amount to bring me a cup for an hour and a half?”

Saad said: “Why is there a museum where all the championships are held, and the visit is at a reasonable price and within everyone’s reach? This is how the economy of the club is growing enormously.

“It was suggested that a special stadium worthy of Al Hilal’s grandeur would be built, which would also include this museum of championships and the history of the club and a shop, while touring the stadium like FC Barcelona .” Exciting season at the end of June.