Abbie Chatfield sobs after putting down rescue dog Marco


Abbie Chatfield has collapsed on social media after the death of her dog, Marco. He had to be put to sleep last week after be diagnosed with cancer.

The 26-year-old ex- Bachelor education star shared a series of stories on Instagram on Monday, discussing her desire to adopt a new dog now that Marco is gone. Although, she revealed, she felt guilty.

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“I want to buy one, but I’m afraid if I get one, I’ll want to fire Marco more,” Chatfield said, bursting into tears.

Abbie Chatfield shares the sad news of her dog’s death on Instagram. (Instagram)

“I’m very sad. I just want him back,” she continued, her voice breaking. “He was just so perfect, just like for me, and I just miss him so much.”

Chatfield revealed on Instagram that she and her boyfriend, Konrad Bień-Stephen, had to put their dog to sleep on Friday.

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She also posted a tribute to Marco on her Instagram grid, including a slideshow of photos of the adopted cocker spaniel. In the emotional caption, she requested that everyone eat some fried chicken in Marco’s memory.

Chatfield adopted Marco, an 11-year-old rescue dog, in March.

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At the time, she wrote on Instagram: “He’s 11 years old so was turned down a lot when people met him at the shelter because he was ‘too old’ (rude, he’s in his prime) but when I met him I had to ask him take home. He is SO PERFECT and is a just and endless ball of kisses and hugs. Luv u Marco #adoptdontshop.”

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