Adelaide family homeless due to house fire

A Adelaide family has been left homeless after an alleged arsonist broke into their property and set it on fire.

The family of five from the Davoren Park suburb was asleep when the house caught fire.

Ken Roberts said he yelled “fire” at his stepson and “came running.”

“It seemed ferocious to me,” said Roberts.

Flames spread through the carport before spreading to the house on Curnow Street just after 1:00 am.

Neighbor Stuart Keen said the fire was “probably about eight, nine feet.”

“It just flowed in there and it was completely inflamed,” Keen said.

As Roberts tried to fight the fire, he said he realized his water supply had been cut and his fence had been cut.

Roberts said he suspected foul play, grabbed a pickaxe and ran into the street.

“It looked like someone was out there with torches… so I grabbed the pickaxe handle to come out and confront them… but there was a fire, so we tried to do what we could,” he said. .

Firefighters quickly arrived as the family watched as their home went up in flames.

Roberts and his family, along with his dog Charlie and rat Lil Man, are now forced to start from scratch. The owner said they have nowhere to live.

“It’s beyond repair… it will probably have to be demolished,” Roberts said.