Adele stops performing halfway through to help struggling fan

Powerful singer Adele stopped halfway through a song to help a fan during her Friday night performance.

While performing her hit song ‘Skyfall’, Adele saw a struggling fan in the crowd in London’s Hyde Park. She stopped singing and immediately called for help.

‘Stop, stop, stop. I need the help of security,” she said. “Right in the middle, can you see where they’re waving?” Look above.

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Adele helps fans during a concert.
The British singer started singing “Skyfall” but stopped after one note to help a fan. (Twitter)

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The British singer asked people in the audience to make way for the rescue team and received applause and cheers from the crowd.

Adele then watched the security work its way into the fan, and once she could see they were okay, she went straight back into performance mode.

“Okay, let’s start over,” she told the audience.

The whole situation took less than a minute to resolve. Adele’s response was praised by her live audience and online commentators after a video was uploaded to Twitter.

“Love her,” said one Twitter user. Another commented, “What Travis should have done,” referring to the 2021 Astroworld Festival incident.

During Travis Scott’s performance at the music festival last November, the extremely overcrowded crowd pit began to push forward, leading to a fatal crowd crush and killing 10 people.

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Adele has been modeled for her compassion during crowd situations. (CBS via Getty Images)

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Scott started and stopped his show a few times to address some members of the audience, but was criticized for not doing enough. Audience members yelled for him to stop the entire set, but the show went on for another half hour.

He received strong backlash in the wake of the tragedy, with many taking to Twitter with examples of artists like Adele and Billie Eilish efficiently addressing the public’s concerns to emphasize Scott’s guilt towards the Astroworld victims.

Adele’s 2017 concert at Sydney’s ANZ Stadium was the largest concert in Australian history with over 100,000 in attendance.

Although she has recently spoken about returning, the pop star currently has no concrete plans to tour Australia.

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