Ahmed Hassan: May God help Ihab Jalal.. and his departure is the biggest mistake

Ahmed Hassan, the former captain of the Egyptian national team, confirmed that Ihab Galal, the current coach of the national team, has been wronged by the statements of football association president Gamal Allam.

Ahmed Hassan said in statements in the “Koora Every Day” program broadcast on the Al-Hayat channel: “Ihab Jalal is under great pressure from the Football Association, may God help him.”

He added: “The Football Association is correcting the mistake with another mistake, and his departure is the biggest mistake in the current period, and a foreign coach should have been signed after Carlos Queiroz left.”

Ahmed Hassan explained that what is currently happening in Egyptian football is a disaster in every sense of the word, noting that the officials have not been held accountable for their speech.

Hassan concluded his statements by saying: “Hazem Emam and Mohamed Barakat should have resigned after appointing Ihab Jalal as national team coach despite their refusal, and the Football Association should have supported Ihab Jalal until the end of qualifiers for the African Nations Cup.”