Ahmed Imtiaz, the referee of the match between Egypt and Guinea, is not a proper name – VideoYoum7 | Seventh Day Channel

  1. Ahmed Imtiaz, referee of the Egypt-Guinea match, is not a nameVideoYoum7 | Seventh Day Channel
  2. Mohamed Salah refuses to enter the hall of honor to honor him before the match in Guinea without the rest of the team playersVideoYoum7 | Seventh Day Channel
  3. The fans gather to take pictures with Mohamed Elneny, and the player steps back from the runway in the Egypt-Guinea matchVideoYoum7 | Seventh Day Channel
  4. Mohamed Salah and the Egyptian players celebrate their victory over Guinea with the fansVideoYoum7 | Seventh Day Channel
  5. A child demands Marmoush for a T-shirt and another demands Salah during Egypt-Guinea matchVideoYoum7 | Seventh Day Channel
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