Ahmed Mujahid nominates Hani Abu Rida to take charge of the Football Association.. Video

Ahmed Mujahid, the former president of the Football Association, said Captain Hani Abu Rida is “enjoying” the Football Association and noted: “Abu Rida is not invited to attend meetings at a time when he is asked to intervene to resolve all crises. to solve. †

And he continued, during a telephone interview with the journalist Ahmed Moussa, in the program “On My Responsibility”, broadcast on the channel Sada Al-Balad, that accountability and disclosure are necessary when dealing with the crises of the football association.

Ahmed Mujahid, the former president of the football association, said that he is nominating Hani Abu Raida to take over the affairs of the football association during this period because he is the most efficient and capable in the administration, and then of course he hands over to the board his successor.
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