“Al-Ajwa Fetish” .. What did the stars say about Ihab Galal’s first test in the Egyptian national team?

Ihab Galal, the new coach of the Egyptian national team, passed his first test with the “Pharaohs” with great difficulty, after a fatal victory over Guinea.

won Egyptian National Team On Sunday, his Guinean counterpart defeated his Guinean counterpart at the Cairo International Stadium, in the first round of the 2023 African Nations Cup qualifiers.

The “Pharaohs” suffered a lot until they scored the winning goal in the final minutes and are currently preparing for another test against Ethiopia in Malawi next Thursday.

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And the reactions of Egyptian football stars varied on the evaluation of Ihab Galal’s first appearance with the Egyptian national team, as they unanimously agreed on one principle, which is: “Winning is more important than performance at the start.”

ajwa fetish

The beginning belonged to Diaa El-Sayed, the general coach of the former coach of the Egyptian national team led by Carlos Queiroz, when he revealed the existence of an Ajwa idol to be destroyed.

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Al-Sayed said in this regard: “No matter how 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 play, the players have to enter the framework to evaluate the work of the coaching staff, because the player who performs at high levels have to adapt to any plan. As long as the change in positions seems small.”

He added: “There is an Ajwa idol, whose name is always repeated in the analytical studios regarding the team’s need for the number 10 player (the playmaker), and unfortunately the players feel annoyed when the coach the plan changes from 4-2-3-1 to 4-3-3.”

And he concluded: “Carlos Queiroz tried to give Qafsha the opportunity, but the message to Qafsha and other players, he should not be limited to one position so that he does not get out of the picture, and is satisfied with the sympathy of the masses with it.”

From stability to movement

As for Wael Riad, the former general coach of the Olympic team, he revealed one more comment, which is the usual state of calm that Ihab Galal left in his first matches with the Egyptian team.

Riyadh said: “Ihab Jalal’s reactions changed outside the lines and he directed the players. In most of the clubs he worked with, he was calm and put his hands in his pockets.”

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And he added: “But in the match between Egypt and Guinea, we noticed a continuous movement of Ihab Galal, because he felt the importance of winning, because the kick-off gives confidence to the players and the coaching staff in an effort to improve the performance. to develop .”

Wael Riad commented: “Mohamed Salah doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone, and if he plays the match in Guinea while injured, it’s a wrong decision by the coaching staff.”

And Ihab Galal had revealed that Mohamed Salah took part in the match in Guinea while injured, before it was confirmed that the Liverpool star would be absent from Ethiopia’s next match in the African Nations qualifiers.

The Innocence of Ihab Galal

For his part, Ahmed Hossam “Mido”, the former star of Zamalek and the Egyptian national team, refused to blame the coaching staff of the Egyptian team led by Ihab Galal, despite his acknowledgment of the modest achievement.

Mido said: “The performance is below average, and this is normal, because the coach is new and suffers from lack of time and many absences, such as Mohamed Elneny, Trezeguet, Mohamed El-Shennawy and Ahmed Hegazy.”

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He added: “We have to act realistically. The team needs intensive work to convince the fans to rally around again. The public turnout at Cairo Stadium was very small and in the past the least match was played by 25,000 spectators attended.”

The same was confirmed by Ahmed Schubert, the former goalkeeper of Al-Ahly and the Egyptian national team, who rejected the idea of ​​attacking Ihab Galal.

Schubert said: “I was worried about Guinea. Our performance in the first half was better than the second, but I will not blame Ihab Jalal or I will go crazy. Will we appoint a coach for the national team after every game ?”

He continued: “There are obvious negatives, such as the shaking of players’ confidence, the high number of wrong passes and the loss of physical contact in the joint balls, but the positive is the drive to win until the 87th minute.”

And he concluded: “Winning is important in the beginning, so what’s the point of playing an enjoyable performance and how many opportunities to waste and lose in the end, as happened to Ukraine against Wales?”