Amazon’s Drone Delivery Program Launches in Texas – GeekWire

(Amazon photo)

Amazon is bringing its drones to Texas.

The tech giant said Friday that customers in College Station, Texas, will be able to order products and have them delivered via drone later this year.

About 100 miles northwest of Houston, College Station is home to Texas A&M University. Amazon is working with the university and the city on the delivery of drones.

The announcement follows last month’s news that Amazon would finally be making drone deliveries in the US with a program in Lockeford, California, south of Sacramento.

Amazon announced its drone development program back in 2013, but has missed its own forecasts for actual customer deliveries.

Amazon has tested drones in Washington State and British Columbia, and has established drone development teams in Britain, France, Israel and Austria. In 2016, Amazon revealed it was doing trial deliveries in an area around Cambridge in England.

The company won official certification from the FAA as an airline in 2020. But Amazon Prime Air’s progress toward actual customer deliveries has slowed.

Bloomberg reported in April that Amazon’s drone program “has been plagued by technical challenges, high sales and security concerns,” including several crashes at an Oregon test site.

Meanwhile, other companies, including UPS (which partners with the CVS pharmacy chain), Wing (the Google-pioneered drone company of Alphabet), SkyDrop (formerly known as Flirtey), Zipline (which partners with Walmart in Arkansas), and DroneUp (which partners with Arkansas-based Walmart). also partnering with Walmart) have expanded their trials of drone delivery services.