Anas Jaber.. “The Minister of His Excellency Tunisia” is on a date with history in the absence of her family


Tunisian Anas Jaber, second in the world, will set a date with history when she takes part in the Wimbledon tennis final against Kazakhstan’s Elena Rybakina on Saturday, despite her family’s absence from attending the historic final as she has no “visa” to enter Great Britain.

Ahead of the historic final, Jaber confirmed that her childhood dream was to win the French Open, as she never imagined winning Wimbledon while “winning the championship to make the Tunisian people happy”.

“We don’t have grass pitches in Tunisia, so I couldn’t imagine being at Wimbledon,” said the Tunisian, adding that winning the tournament became a dream when she reached the Wimbledon quarter-finals last year.

And she continued in an interview with the BBC: “Since then my goal has been to go back and win the championship, and my brother Hatem is planning to come from Tunisia and I hope to be there on Saturday, but unfortunately my relatives do not have a visa,” he added: “It will be difficult for them.” But they will encourage me at home.”

The Tunisian tennis star added: “My parents Samira and Reda and my sister Yasmine can’t come to London, but it would be great if Hatem and maybe my son-in-law were here.”

A man shows a newspaper featuring Tunisian tennis player Ons Jabeur in Tunis, Tunisia July 8, 2022. REUTERS/Jihed Abidellaoui
Jaber’s matches are widely watched in Tunisia

Jaber’s matches enjoy a wide public follow-up in Tunisia, where she is nicknamed “Minister of Happiness”. “Tunisian Media”.

And local media in Tunisia quoted the Tunisian minister as saying he “will attend the final match”.

About this, Jaber said: “I heard the celebrations at home after my semi-final victory were crazy, and it would be even crazier if I won on Saturday”, adding that her country is going through difficult times politically, but she likes to “seeing the joy of Tunisians,” according to “BP.” bad”.

Anas Jaber achieved an unprecedented feat for Arab and African tennis by qualifying for the Wimbledon final, after beating Germany’s Maria Tatiana 6-2, 3-6, 6-1 in the semi-finals.

“I am proud to be a Tunisian woman standing here,” she said after the match, after becoming the first Arab to reach the final of a major tournament for both women and men, according to “AFP”.

Jaber added: “It’s a dream come true with years of work and sacrifice. I’m glad it paid off and I will continue to work for another game.”

Last year, according to CNN, Jaber became the first Arab player to win the WTA title and break into the top ten in singles.

A view of a billboard featuring Tunisian tennis player Ons Jabeur in Tunis, Tunisia July 8, 2022. REUTERS/Jihed Abidellaoui
Anas Jaber achieved an unprecedented achievement for Arab and African tennis by qualifying for the Wimbledon final

However, her victory on Saturday would be the biggest achievement of her career, as Jaber said: “I have often imagined giving the speech with the (Wimbledon) trophy.”

En route to the first quarterfinal at Wimbledon and second in the “Grand Slam”, after the 2020 Australian Open, Jaber eliminated both the five-time title winner, the American Venus Williams, and Spain’s Garbine Mugurosa, the 2017 champion, alongside Poland’s number one in the world right now. , Ega chevontik.

Jaber did not find it difficult to conquer the first four rounds of this year’s championship, before experiencing some difficulties in the final two as she needed three sets to beat Czech Marie Bozkova and then her friend Maria, according to “AFP”.

Despite the difficulties she faced reaching the Wimbledon final, she spread joy among her people and among the Tunisians who came to cheer her on in the tournament, according to “The New York Times”.

Her arrival to the Wimbledon final comes after a disappointing appearance in France’s Roland Garros, the second Grand Slam tournament, where her career ended in the first round, and after her absence from the Australian Open due to injury, according to “AFP”.

Jaber was one of the most prominent candidates to win the Roland Garros title, especially as she won the title of the 1000th Madrid tournament on clay and also reached the final of the 1000th edition of Rome, where she lost to vientek.

Jaber, 27, went to great lengths to believe in herself, having worked with sports psychologists since her teens and trained some of the top French tennis players until she reached that stage of professionalism, according to the New York Times.

The fourth final will be between Rybakina and Jaber, who won the last two meetings between them in 2021 in the second round of the Dubai tournament and the semi-final of the Chicago tournament, while the Kazakhstani won the first in 2019 in the second round of the Wuhan Chinese tournament.

The Kazakh reacted to Jaber’s encounter and expected it to be a great match. She is a great player, a very difficult player and it will not be easy to play against her falling and flying balls.

Saturday’s match will be between two different players as Jaber is one of the players showing their emotions and enthusiasm, while Rybakina is characterized by her composure.

Commenting on the matter, Jaber said of her opponent: “She’s not one of the players who screams at every point. I respect that. I know she’s a shy person, even off the pitch. I may be the player who will scream in the final.”