Angela Lansbury fans worried after star misses Tony Awards 2022 despite receiving honors

The recent Tony Awards ceremony delighted Broadway fans, but some viewers were concerned about one face missing from the audience. Angela Lansbury was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award – so why wasn’t she there to accept the award?

Fans react to Lansbury’s absence: ‘She was greatly missed’

The legendary actress is best known for her role in Murder she wrotebut she also made her mark on the Broadway stage, starring in hit shows like Sweeney ToddGypsyand mom† Her Lifetime Achievement Award was presented during the pre-show, and Lansbury was clearly absent.

Fans took to Twitter to express concern about Lansbury’s absence. “I wish they had asked Angela Lansbury to send me a recording as I would have loved to hear from her,” one fan tweeted. “She was greatly missed.”

“The absence of Angela Lansbury, even via video, is concerning,” another person wrote† “And maybe it explains why this wasn’t on the main broadcast.” Many Tony viewers were unhappy that Lansbury’s awards ceremony did not take place during the main broadcast.

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“Absolutely embarrassing that the Lifetime Achievement Award for Angela Lansbury is not on the main broadcast, and also terribly short. I don’t care if she’s there or not,’ someone tweeted

Another person wrote: “Are they serious about honoring Angela Lansbury in the pre-show. HOW MANY LIVING LEGENDS DO WE HAVE. YOU MAKE TIME for them.” While many were annoyed that Lansbury’s award wasn’t presented during the main broadcast of the awards, it makes sense that if she wasn’t there to receive the award, the Tonys wouldn’t feel the need to spend show time on her award.

Her iconic Broadway history

Lansbury is a five-time Tony winner and four Best Actress in a Musical award for her roles in mombest worldGypsyand Sweeney Todd† In 2009, she won Best Featured Actress in a Play – her first Tony for a non-musical show – for her work in Blithe Spirit

There’s no official word on why Lansbury didn’t make it to this year’s Tony Awards, but she’s often talked about how healthy she feels for her age. In a 2018 interview, the actress said: “I feel full of energy and I definitely don’t feel 93. I like a glass of wine and take a lot of vitamins – maybe that will keep me going.”

Lansbury fans were saddened that she wasn’t celebrated with such great honor at the Tony’s this year, and hope she remains in good health for a long time to come.

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