Another Billion Dollar Divorce! Google co-founder Sergey Brin splits from second wife after just 4 years!

Sergei Brin, co-founder of googlefiles for divorce from his (second) wife!

As you may recall, after the billionaire divorced his first wife Anne Wojcickic in 2015, they both jumped right back into the dating game. Anne was briefly linked to former New York Yankees player Alex Rodriguez† Sergey began to see Nicole Shanahanwho would become his second wife that same year.

The couple got married in 2018, but after 4 short years of marriage, they too go their separate ways. Court files say the couple have “irreconcilable differences” – ah, the old standby – and are reported to have been separated since December 2021. The divorce filings were made public just days after the billionaire purchased a Malibu mansion for $13.5 million. It’s going to be a great bachelorette block!

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Many details about Sergey and Nicole’s relationship and divorce are secret, but one thing is certain: they both want to protect their daughter! The child, born in 2018, is being kept out of the spotlight for fear of “kidnapping” or “harassment” during the divorce. That doesn’t seem to be the only reason they keep things private though! According to InsiderThe papers filed by Brin’s legal team state:

†[Brin] is a co-founder of Google and one of the richest and most famous technology entrepreneurs in the world. Due to the high-profile nature of their relationship, there is likely to be significant public interest in their dissolution and custody issues.”

They are not wrong! Billionaire divorces are automatically a hot topic!

Speaking of exorbitant sums, the couple would reportedly pay a lot of money for a private judge to keep a close eye on all the details of their split! The judge charges $950 PER HOUR! Divorce proceedings are also not a quick affair, sometimes it takes months or even years… That’s a lot of hours…

To the seventh richest man in the world, these numbers probably mean very little – especially if it saves him half his fortune in the long run!

In recent years we have seen so many billionaires divorce – from Jeff Bezos until Bill Gates – even dr. dre and Kim Kardashian† Whether this is a strange trend among the .1%, or whether Cupid is just taking all his arrows from the rich and famous, it definitely proves that money doesn’t buy happiness! At least not a happy marriage…

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