Apex Legends may be getting the single-player treatment

Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment is reportedly working on a new single player game. The game seems to be related to: Top LegendsRespawn’s popular free multiplayer battle royale.

Little is known about the game at this early stage, and it will likely only move forward after Respawn’s upcoming development Jedi Fallen Order sequel is complete. It doesn’t seem to be a sequel Apex Legends or titan trap 2† There will be those who sat up at the words “Respawn” and “single-player”, but stood up: although Top is set canonically in the Fall of the Titans universe, it is not generally believed that titan suitcase 3 or.

The game’s existence was revealed through a job posting on Respawn’s website calling for a Senior Engine and Systems Engineer with C++ skills. The successful candidate will oversee the engineering of Apex Universe projects.

Apex Legends has become EA’s most popular new IP since its surprise launch in 2019. Its development was something of a passion project internally. It grew out of the studio’s now-familiar approach to early design of breaking up into smaller teams and prototyping big ideas. A Fall of the Titans pitch with battle royale mechanics based on PUBG was the most popular candidate. Apex Legends became Respawn’s first live service game. It was also the game that popularized a now-widespread non-verbal communication system, the Ping.

Contrary to Respawn’s concern that Fall of the Titans fans would think EA forced them to make a BR title, but EA’s buyer was reportedly hesitant about the entire project. “Not to throw EA under the bus, but this wasn’t the game they expected,” executive producer Drew McCoy told Game Informer at the time. “I had to go to executives, show it to them, explain it and… not convince, but more, ‘Hey, trust us! This is what you want from us.’”

The “gut feeling” that guided the game’s development worked well. Apex Legends‘ popularity exceeded all expectations and instantly became EA’s most recognizable new IP in years. That Respawn plans to take advantage of its characters and the little pocket of the Fall of the Titans world they inhabit should come as no surprise.

Although it may not be titan suitcase 3 (and keep faith, true believers, we’ll get there one day), I feel like Respawn has earned some trust in this one.