Apple develops OLED iPad with Samsung, LG – channelnews

Apple has confirmed it has an OLED iPad in the works, with the new model focusing on industry-leading image quality and a slightly thin design.

In developing the final prototypes of the OLED iPad, Apple reached out to Korean display partners Samsung and LG Display, who had the Cupertino-based tech company test and trial the technology. The launch of an OLED iPad is expected to grow the “small and medium OLED ecosystem”, according to Korea IT news.

“The domestic parts and equipment industry has high hopes for the expansion of the OLED iPad market,” an industry official said via Korea IT news.

To reduce the weight of the OLED iPad, Apple has opted for a dry etching process, which uses chemical technology to remove unnecessary parts and weight during the production of circuit patterns for thin film transistor circuits.

This process was excluded from the development of the OLED iPhone, as the panel was already lighter than the previous LCD and the process would increase the unit price.

The panels are expected to be supplied by Samsung and LG Display, which are also expected to invest in various OLED facilities for small and medium-sized panels.

The OLED iPad should be released in 2024.