Apple’s continuity camera signals good news for the Apple TV

Continuity camera was a feature I didn’t expect to come out of macOS Ventura. The WWDC presentation showed how the continuity features of macOS enable devices to work more closely together and easily relay conversations between devices. It then showed that by simply placing your iPhone on top of your MacBook screen, using a special clip, your Mac can use the powerful cameras on the back of the iPhone as a webcam.

We know that Apple’s built-in MacBook webcams have been mediocre so far, and the iPhone offers two or three pretty impressive cameras. So the logic seemed right. Using your iPhone means better image quality, the option of wider lenses, as well as Portrait mode blur and CenterStage tracking — all without spending the extra cash on an external webcam.

However, many people I spoke to wondered if they really wanted to mount their phone on their MacBook screen. Especially the one with a 13 Pro Max – that’s a heavy device to put on the back of your screen. The point is, all this misses the point of the feature and I believe it’s just a teaser for something bigger to be announced in September.

MacOS Venture Continuity Camera

I love the idea of ​​the continuity camera but wonder how many people will do this

(Image credit: Apple)

First, the continuity camera isn’t really designed to fit on top of a MacBook. It’s more suitable for mounting to an external monitor – probably one that wasn’t made by Apple, which is why it wasn’t in the demo. But I think the bigger picture doesn’t involve a MacBook at all.