ARCHANGELS CEO Alexandra Drane on the Caregiver Intensity Index – The Health Care Blog


“Being an unpaid caregiver is the epicenter of Life Sucks Disease,” said Alexandra Drane, co-founder and CEO of ARCHANGELS, “but it’s also one of the most glorious, one of the most beautiful jobs we’ll ever have.” So, what’s the trick to managing the “sucky” side of care? Facts.

Alex’s company ARCHANGELS invented the Caregiver Intensity Index, which she describes as a “two and a half minute cosmo quiz” that helps caregivers quantify the intensity of their care delivery experience and identify the two main factors driving that intensity and the determine the top two. things that light it up. The resulting score helps caregivers validate the intensity of their experience, provides a framework to communicate about it and, as Alex puts it, provides “data that gives them permission to believe” that the stress they are feeling is real. ARCHANGELS then uses the information to cross healthcare providers to existing resources that can help them meet those intense driving challenges — whether related to financial stress, job stress, relationship stress, or otherwise.

Knowing that health plans and employers are “starting to see the light” when it comes to healthcare delivery and its impact on their staff, Alex and I talk about how much payers are really willing to contribute to supporting the resources needed to provide healthcare providers. and how the data provided by ARCHANGELS helps demonstrate need and links to health and wellness. Lots of interesting data on informal care in this one – especially when it comes to mental health and how things have changed due to the pandemic. Watch now!