Aspyr has fixed a groundbreaking Star Wars KOTOR II bug on Switch

Aspyr has released a fix for a game-breaking bug in the Switch version of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.

Released last month for the Nintendo console, the game featured a crash that occurred after the Basilisk Crash cutscene when landing on Onderon, blocking further progress.

While Aspyr previously offered a fix for the bug, it said it has now been fixed in an update that “addresses our top player-reported issues”.

These also include an issue where the game would crash on certain mid/late game saves (Dantooine and Korriban), and an issue where players could get stuck in a loop on the loading screen when Sith Troopers board the Ebon Hawk on Peragus went.

Aspyr is currently working on a Knights of the Old Republic remake for PS5 and PC. Rather than a simple remaster, the game is said to be “rebuilt from the ground up” with modern visuals and technology.

The company is also behind the recent reissues of Star Wars: Jedi Knight II, Republic Commando and Episode 1 Racer. It has even ported KOTOR to iOS in the past, along with another BioWare title, Jade Empire.

Aspyr is a subsidiary of World War Z and Witcher 3 port studio Saber Interactive, which is also working on the upcoming remake of KOTOR.