Aussie Bargain Roundup: Live a Live

The first western release of the SNES RPG, Live a Live, will be released next month. It comes in the HD-2D we know and love from Triangle Strategy and Octopath Traveler.

While Japan is getting a cool collector’s edition, there’s no word yet on whether we’ll get it or not.

Live a Live comes out on July 22.

  • live alive – $58 – Clutch

Big W

  • live alive – $59 – Clutch

DX Collectibles

  • live alive – $55.20 – Clutch

EB games

  • live alive – $69.95 – Clutch


  • live alive – $69.95 – Clutch
    • Since this is a $69.95 game, we don’t recommend using your vouchers on it.


  • live alive – $59.95 – Clutch

JB Hifi

  • live alive – $59 – Clutch


  • live alive – $59 – Clutch


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