Balance can make business purchases a simple and fast process




The total transaction volume for e-commerce between businesses is nearly $22 trillion per year.

That proves that there is plenty of room to scale the digital B2B marketplace. That’s why companies like Balance strive to make B2B e-commerce as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Balance represents a significant step forward in that realm of B2B payments, reducing the standard 7-10 business day period for processing transactions to a much friendlier 20 seconds for the vast majority of purchases. That includes a number of useful features that make the purchase significantly easier for both buyers and sellers. While we haven’t reached full one-click functionality for B2B payments yet, Balance is definitely the second best.

That starts on the buyer side, where buyers place their order and choose from several payment methods. They can pay by credit card, check, bank transfer or ACH. They then choose how they want the transaction to be handled. That includes everything from instant wire transfer to more standard business-friendly terms like pay on delivery, installment payments, or custom milestone payments that can delay full payments for up to 90 days.

Of course, that extra weight is exactly what a seller is trying to avoid. Fortunately, Balance has also worked out the process for sellers and paid sellers directly. As the ultimate underwriter of the deal, Balance offers net payment terms that work for both parties, giving buyers the time they need to make their payment, while sellers get their money without all the billing, waiting and chasing that often happens in B2B businesses. deals .

And the numbers don’t lie. Companies that use Balance to facilitate their transactions report that the number of repeat customers has more than doubled, thanks in large part to the added convenience and reduced overhead.

Businesses can now try Balance for free – and all it costs is usage-based processing and financing fees, even for credit card payments or deferred payments for up to 120 days. Check out the Balance website now and see how their revolutionary process could change the look of all your company’s B2B deals.

Prices are subject to change.