“Barca” closes the door in Dembélé’s face!

Anwar Ibrahim (Cairo)
The Barcelona government has made its decision, making a final decision not to renew French star Osman Dembele’s contract from the number of months ago for him, saying it is not ready to change its position on the matter. the negotiations with this star crowned the team “cocks” in the World Cup Russia 2018. And she informed him about this, he and his agent, threatening him with: either he accepts her current offer or he leaves the club.
Dembélé’s contract expires in a few days and there are many major European clubs waiting for the image to become clear about his position at Barca, to pounce on him and obtain his services, although the player himself has so far still prefers to continue at the “Camp Nou”, but the only problem is What prevents this are his exaggerated financial demands, which Barcelona cannot offer due to the difficult financial circumstances of the club, which have prevented him from reacting to his financial requests regarding an increase in his salary and granting him a signing bonus and a large commission for his agent.
Spanish sources close to Barcelona said the ‘Catalan’ club had given him the choice between accepting the offer he had previously made or leaving in silence.
Dembele preferred to sign his contract on June 30, in the hope that the club would agree to renew it and stick to his presence in the team, but the club’s opinion has not changed and won’t change.
It is worth noting that the current offer to Dembele is the same as the one Barca proposed to him last December (€11 million instead of €10 million his current salary).
For example, the Barcelona board refused to comply with Dembele’s material requests, given his frequent injuries, as he has not played much in the past three years and Barca is under no circumstances willing to renew his contract, despite the need for a coach. Xavi Hernandez for the efforts of this player who appeared on a great level at the end of the season, at a time when the player wants a contract that reflects his talent and influence in the team after coming back strong.
It is noteworthy that the clubs of Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus and Chelsea are eagerly awaiting what will happen to Dembele’s fate with the “Blaugrana”.