Barry Season 3 Finale: Henry Winkler sees dark days ahead

In the season three premiere, there’s that awesome scene where Barry is about to kill Gene, and Barry says, “Forgiveness has to be earned,” and Gene fires back, “Then damn it!” Do you think there is a world where Gene Barry could ever forgive? Is there a return for them?

To tell you the truth, I don’t think so. Gene, I’m sure he could rationalize it somehow, “He was doing his job, he was being led astray.” But he tore the love of my life from my heart. I think there is no going back from there.

I was struck by the finale that ended with that dialogue-free sequence. The police leave; Jim leaves; the camera lingers at a distance with Jim, a supporting character we recently met. What did you appreciate about that unspoken last moment between these two men who shared a love for the same woman?

This is what I appreciate, something I know from the start: they do their vision, and that’s just the way it is. Bill has said to me several times that HBO is an incredibly supportive organization, [but] I do know they said to Bill, “Can’t we just laugh once in Episode 8?” And the only laugh was Bill who laughed and said, “Ah, I’m so sorry.” But Bill literally said to me yesterday, “Jim Moss doesn’t want to go back to that house.”

You said Bill is writing season four right now. Have you had any conversations with him about it, or do you just stick with your usual go-to question for each season and just ask if Gene dies or not?

That’s my question. When I spoke to him, I said, “I have only one question: am I dead?” And then he laughed and said, “No!” But there are eight episodes – I must survive.

Speaking of your dramatic work, congratulations on the exciting news that you and your son are Max collaborate on King Rexa limited series for HBO.

Oh my god, Derek, can you believe that?! Do you have any children?

Not yet.

Okay, you sound very young. But if you ever do, and it comes down to this… I was in every Max student film. I was in movies when he was in fifth grade, lying in the rat-infested ivy behind the house, and he never invited me to a professional party. And all of a sudden he called me during the pandemic, over a year ago, maybe two, “I have a great story, here it is.” I said, “Oh wow, I don’t quite get that story.” He said, “I’ll get back to you with more facts.” And now we sold it to HBO, with his friend Malcolm [Spellman], and they write it. And when it comes to that – ‘if’, because in this world ‘if’ is a very big question – I will be led by my son Max. I don’t even have the language we know on this earth for what I feel.

I know how special that must be, so let’s hope ‘if’ turns into ‘when’.

If you have children, one day, whenever it is, you will know this moment in a thousand different ways. This moment, in a completely different complexion, will present itself to you and you will dissolve in a puddle in your sneakers. And Derek, you better call me and tell me when it happens.

That’s a deal, Henry.

You promise?

I promise.

okay good.