Baseus’ 65W PowerCombo GaN charger is finally the all-in-one charging solution you’ve been looking for

If there’s one thing to be sure of these days, it’s that we won’t run out of gear any time soon. As desks get cluttered and devices continue to battle between power and portability, it’s an added stress that no one needs right now to keep everything up and running to avoid the all-to-real battery anxiety.

Fortunately, as the technology in our devices has improved, so has the charging technology. The latest breakthrough in charging technology is the use of gallium nitride (GaN). The fancy name simply means that companies can now pack incredibly powerful chargers into remarkably small packages.

baseus (opens in new tab) has been making high-quality chargers and accessories for over 10 years and has used this new GaN material to power its new “PowerCombo” series of chargers. The first is the PowerCombo 65W Hybrid GaN Power Strip which can charge 6, yes 6 devices simultaneously.

PowerCombo desk charger to charge laptop and iPhone

(Image credit: Baseus)

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The PowerCombo charger has 2 USB-A, 2 USB-C and 2 full-size AC outlets, meaning it can charge almost any device that could potentially end up on a desk or in a travel bag. While the 65W may not handle the highest, most power-hungry laptops and desktops, most of the mainstream laptops should be just fine.