Basketball – Assem Merhi moves to Changwon Suckers in Korea

belbalady The Changwon LG Sackers announced today, Friday, his contract with Egyptian basketball player and former player Assem Merhi.

The South Korean club did not disclose the duration of the contract with the 30-year-old player.

Assem Marei previously played for the South Korean team 2021-2022.

After that, Assem Maree went to Zamalek and signed a contract with the team to participate in the BAL African Basketball Championship, but a crisis in the recruitment papers prevented him from traveling to Rwanda with the white team’s mission.

Speaking to before, Assem Marei said: “I have not made my decision 100%, but for the most part I will continue my professional career in Korea. I had two options to play in Turkey or Korea, but for a large part extent I will stay in Korea.”


Regarding the Egyptian national team and the competition to qualify for the World Cup, he said: “I see that the opportunity for the Egyptian team to reach the World Cup is great, but it is not easy, and with my colleagues and The coaching staff, we can achieve, we just need focus and emotional stability and to follow specific standards and everyone is doing their part.”

He emphasized: “The teams in the last African Championship were stronger, and I saw that Senegal were the strongest teams, and Congo is also a good team, but not like Tunisia or Nigeria, and I currently see the players have more experience and increase every time more and the stability in front of the players and this helps to improve the performance.”

And he added: “I couldn’t participate in the African Championship, not because there was no stopping, but because if I had joined the camp in Egypt, I would have returned to stay in quarantine in Korea for 21 days, during which I would not be able to play any matches and this would have been considered a termination of contract by me, and currently I have not, there is no quarantine in Korea and I can come back and join the national team at any time .”

Egypt is preparing to participate in the second round of the first leg of the World Cup qualifiers.

The Egyptian national team took part in the first leg, which was held in Senegal, in which it managed to get 5 points.

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