Baymax! Star Scott Adsit on Finding That Distinctive Voice and the Power of Community [Interview]

Where in the timeline of “Big Hero 6” does this show take place? Is it after the movie and before “Big Hero 6: The Series?” Or is it after both?

It could be. It’s definitely after the movie. It could be within the timeline of the other series as that series was mainly focused on superheroes then this is what Baymax does in his spare hours as a superhero when he goes out and is just a nurse superhero. So I’d say it’s happening now. And maybe the other series is happening now too. I’d say when you watch, it’s happening now.

In this series, it seems like there is a point in the last episode that could have led to the appearance of the original team. Why do you think it was more important that the real people of San Fransokyo were the heroes of this mission than the superheroes?

I think because there is a community when people help each other. Baymax was the connective tissue between these strangers. They realized and appreciated what Baymax had done for them. They all had that in common and they jumped in without hesitation to help him when he needed help. And that’s beautiful. They became their own team and very successful.