Bella Hadid Posted New Adorable Photos With Her Boyfriend Marc Kalman

Model Bella Hadid’s life took a turn for the better after she met art director and album cover designer Marc Kalman. Now the lovers are in New York and do not hide their feelings.

Over the weekend, Hadid posted cute but very sassy photos with her boyfriend that Gossip Girl herself would be jealous of. In the first photo, the couple passionately kiss on one of the streets of the metropolis, and in the second, in the same pose of an innocent schoolgirl and a naughty boy, they look each other in the eye.

It is worth noting the images of lovers most suitable for this situation: Bella is dressed in a denim miniskirt with a beige bomber jacket decorated with stripes, as well as brown sneakers and white knee-high stockings.

Kalman posed like a real bad boy in a simple black tank top, blue low-waisted pants and black lace-up boots.

Many have noticed that, for the first time, Bella is presenting her new relationship so openly to the whole world, and sources say that the couple is very serious. Recently, lovers rested on the island of St. Barth, where they went right after the end of the Cannes Film Festival. T

here the couple also did not hesitate to show tender feelings: Bella and Mark sunbathe, swam and also photographed each other.

Fans were especially struck by how carefully and carefully Kalman chose the best angle for Hadid’s photo shoot.
Interestingly, Bella recently commented on her newfound romance in an interview, saying she was doing her best to keep this relationship a secret.

The girl failed more than once on a personal level, so she wanted everything to be different from Mark. “I think that’s why we were able to save the relationship, because we kept it hidden in the early stages.

If you give other people the chance to express their views on your personal life, you’re poisoning yourself,” concludes Bella.