Berserk officially returns this summer with six new chapters

After a year of waiting, Berserk publisher Young Animal has finally announced the return of the hit manga. Readers who have long wondered if the series would continue, finally have their answer, and better yet, it’s returning sooner than fans would expect.

The world of manga was shocked by Berserk the unexpected death of creator Kentaro Miura in May 2021. At the time of his death, he had finished one unreleased chapter and completed one script for the next chapter. While the first chapter was far from an end after Miura’s passing, it did take off in a somewhat appropriate place, as the main character Guts seemed to finally find peace after a life of struggle and pain. The next chapter (with art finished by Miura’s assistants at his production house, Studio Gaga) turned that all on its head. That chapter ended on a cliffhanger that left fans with far too many questions. if Berserk’s publisher is all to go, then it looks like readers will finally get the answers they’ve been looking for.


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utilities, Berserk’s officially Twitter account posted a letter from publishing house Young Animal released to fans. The letter reveals that the manga’s return will be accompanied by Kouji Mori, a close friend of Kentaro Miura, with art from Studio Gaga. Mouri is also a manga artist published by Young Animal. The first new chapter will be released on June 24. After that, five more chapters will be published to close the Fantasia Arc/Elf Island arc before the manga switches to a new arc. While both Mori and Young Animal are clear that Miura didn’t leave a rough draft before his passing, he did speak at length about where the manga was headed.

Shortly after Miura’s death, many fans had speculated that Kouji Mori could be the one to help complete Berserk, so his involvement here doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise. The most surprising is the date of the first chapter. Berserk has spent over a year in a state of uncertainty, so the fact that a new chapter is just weeks away is exciting. It also looks like Young Animal made a wise choice with Mori. Miura and Mori were good friends so if anyone knows what the best course is for? Berserk, it would be him along with Miura’s assistants at Studio Gaga. As exciting as this is, it’s hard to imagine the pressure this continuation will put on the team that must work to ensure the saga Miura started is properly completed.

However, none of this detracts from the zeal surrounding this announcement. Berserk is popular for a reason. It is a nuanced and rich story with complex themes. There’s a reason the series’ fandom has only grown since Miura’s death. Whether it’s a whole Berserk theme rap album or cool cosplay, fans have not hesitated to show their appreciation for the series. That Berserk officially goes ahead, fans can be happy that Miura’s vision is in good hands.

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