Better Call Saul Season 6: When will Walt and Jesse show up?

This could all change depending on how Gus defeats his biggest pre-Walter White threat: Lalo Salamanca (Tony Dalton). Gus and Mike are believed to be dead before the first half of the sixth season, and are very much aware of Lalo’s impending presence at the end of the midseason finale. They plan to crouch down and wait for Lalo to arrive, but the scariest Salamanca of them all has other plans and instead heads to Jimmy and Kim’s residence. It seems that Lalo is several steps ahead of Gus, giving Fring a great opportunity to do something similar to what Walt will eventually do to him. A sneak attack that will surprise both the audience and the characters.

It all boils down to the infamous meth lab. Lalo wants to know more about it, Gus has to keep it a secret. Whatever happens, we know which character will appear in the parent show. Gus will win this war with Lalo, and how he does it may add a final chapter to his legend and strengthen him as the man we remember in Bad break.

What will happen to Gene?

Gene Takovic is the most mysterious entity on this show. He is Jimmy/Saul’s third identity, and he is the only part of the story that is completely disconnected from Breaking Bads storyline. The creators can do whatever they want with Gene. He’s a hyper-paranoid bum in a Nebraska Cinnabon, and the last time we saw him, he hung up on the vacuum repair number that sent so many of our previous favorite characters to their new locations.

You could argue that we all want Gene to have a happy ending, but given all the bad decisions he’s made in his life that usually destroy others, it would make sense that whatever Gene does would do more damage to himself and those around him. him.

You better call Saul is a haunting drama, one that shows a grim outlook on life. As Mike said in season five, Jimmy/Saul/Gene put himself on a bad choice. The end of such a road will not be rainbows and sunshine. Rather, it is fear, despair and reparations for years of immoral acts.

Does Kim’s fate really matter?

Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn) has become one of the most beloved characters in recent television history. She is a strong-willed, passionate and creative woman who does not need anyone’s help to achieve what she wants. These qualities have been poisoned this season by her desire to manipulate Howard Hamlin’s career, a choice that resulted in his death. It doesn’t really matter what happens to Kim, because her fateful quest for revenge for everything Howard did to her has changed who she is forever.