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US president said reversal of Roe v Wade decision ‘takes away’ a constitutional right

The Supreme Court’s decision to roll back federal abortion protection marks a “sad day for court and countryUS President Joe Biden declared Friday after the nationwide abortion right, protected by Roe v Wade, was overturned.

Today, the United States Supreme Court has expressly stripped the American people of a constitutional right that it had already recognized,” he continued.”They have not limited it. They just took away.

The health and lives of women in this country are now at stake.

US Supreme Court makes groundbreaking ruling on abortion

The president called on his supporters to make their voices heard in the upcoming midterm elections, arguing that the court’s decision “should not be the last word† Until then, however, he promised “do everything in my power to protect a woman’s rights in states where they will suffer the consequences of today’s decisionincluding a guarantee that women in states where abortion is illegal can travel to states where they can have the procedure.

This fall, Roe will be at the polls. Personal liberties are on the agenda. The right to privacy, liberty, equality, they are all on the ballotsaid Biden, blamingthree judges named by a president, Donald Trump, who were at the heart of today’s decision to lift the scales of justice and eliminate a fundamental right for women in this country

At the same time, he acknowledged that the attempt to overthrow Roe had begun long before the Trump presidency was a glimmer in the former reality star’s eye. †Make no mistake – this decision is the culmination of a conscious effort spanning decades to upset the balance of our law‘ he said, calling it the ‘realization of an extreme ideology and a tragic mistake by the Supreme Court

The president acknowledged that he could not personally reverse the Supreme Court ruling and pointed out that only Congress would be able to enshrine abortion rights into law. The Democratic majority in the Senate tried to pass such a law last month, but failed to get the necessary votes.

US Senate votes on abortion law

Biden wondered aloud what the Supreme Court ruling meant for the “Wider right to privacy for everyone“, which means that “the right to make the best decisions for your health, the right to use contraception, a couple’s right to privacy in their bedroom… the right to marry the person you lovewere all threatened by Roe’s turnaround. The landmark decision legalized abortion by stating it fell under a woman’s constitutional right to privacy.

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the 1973 ruling in Roe v Wade means that the responsibility for abortion legislation rests with state governments, less than half of which have laws on their books prohibiting or restricting abortion. Several states, including Missouri, have the so-called “trigger lawsdesigned to take effect if Roe is destroyed, while other states have laws expressly protecting a woman’s right to abortion.