Bloodsworn Battle Pass, Vitaath Raid Boss, Hungering Moon Event and more


Diablo Immortal has finally received its first major update since its June launch, and with this new patch, the developers are also introducing a new season that is slated to go live at 3am server time.

There’s a lot in store for fans in season two, but some of the biggest highlights of the update are the new Battle Pass and the encounter with the Vitaath raid boss.

A new weekend event called the Hungering Moon has also been added to the game, where adventurers can get extra loot and gear as the new season officially kicks off.

Diablo Immortal Season 2 was one of the most anticipated updates, and it will be quite interesting to see if Blizzard has listened to community feedback and addressed some of the key issues the game has faced. The issues are mainly related to the game’s hidden paywalls and in-game microtransactions.

Features to look forward to in Diablo Immortal Season 2

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1) New Battle Pass: Bloodsworn

Season 2’s Battle Pass is themed around the Bloodsworn, the Countess’s devotees who have rebelled in Dark Wood. The pass will include 40 free levels and challenges, and adventurers can get their hands on rewards such as Crests Hilts and Legendary Gems.

Those who want to get the most out of the Battle Pass can purchase two paid versions of it as they will upgrade it with additional loot. There are two Battle Pass versions that players can get their hands on, the Empowered Battle Pass and the Collector’s Empowered Battle Pass.

Powerful Battle Pass:

The powerful version has all the rewards of the free ranked version, along with extra loot like the Bloodsworn Weapon cosmetic and the thorn-covered Bloodsworn Armor cosmetic. These are the premium exclusive rewards that Diablo Immortal adventurers can unlock when they reach level 40 in the Battle Pass.

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Collector’s Empowered Battle Pass:

For the collector’s edition, the usual free Battle Pass rewards are available, along with the Empowered Pass rewards, as well as additional loot. This will allow players to get their hands on the Bloodsworn Avatar Frame and Bloodsworn Portal cosmetics, and get an instant boost of ten rank.

The Diablo Immortal Season 2 Battle Pass will last approximately one month and will end on August 4 at 3am server time.

2) Vitaath the Shivering Death: New Helliquary Raid Boss

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Vitaath will pose a glacial threat in Diablo Immotal as she emerges from the ‘icy depths of the Frozen Tundra’. Known as the Shivering Death, she will be on the warpath to engulf the entire sanctuary in her ice.

Vitaath is the latest raid boss to hit the servers, and players can get their hands on some impressive loot if they manage to take her down.

To begin the quest, adventurers must visit Rayek’s Helliquary in Westmarch and form a group of raiders willing to take on the challenge of defeating Vitaath and her “ice age of terror”.

3) New Weekend Event: Hungering Moon

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A new weekend event called Hungering Moon is also going live. After acquiring seven blessings, players should have enough goodwill to interact with the moon and exchange them for random rewards.

After they offer enough blessings, the moon will grant players its favor. The event kicks off on July 15th at 3am server time and will run through July 18th at 3am server time. It is not yet certain whether this will be a recurring weekend event.

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