BMW unveils new Art Car from Jeff Koons: confirmed for Australia

UPDATE, June 29: One of 99 examples coming to Australia

One of only 99 examples of BMW’s ‘8 X Jeff Koons’ Art Car is going to Australia.

The exclusive edition M850i ​​xDrive Gran Coupé was created by the brand together with renowned American artist Jeff Koons, and BMW today confirms that one of the 99 vehicles produced will be available for purchase by a local customer in the third quarter of this year. .

The price is yet to be confirmed, but considering it has a multicolored exterior and interior, quality materials, leather and a cup holder lid with edition badges and the artist’s signature finished in Bavarian blue from the BMW logo – don’t expect it to come cheap .

Koons previously designed the 17th BMW Art Car, the BMW M3 GT2, which took part in the 2010 edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

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February 18: BMW unveils Art Car designed by Jeff Koons

BMW has unveiled a new Art Car in collaboration with American artist Jeff Koons.

BMW’s iconic Art Car series began in 1975 and continues to this day, allowing famous artists to use a BMW model as their canvas.

The latest car is the 8 Series X Jeff Koons, designed by Koons and produced by BMW.

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Bright and bash, the Koons-style Beemer will be made in a limited batch of just 99 units for an undisclosed price – but avid buyers should be aware that his most famous piece of art is the “Rabbit” sculpture, which is for more over $125 million has been sold in its last auction…so there’s no telling what the price tag will be on this exclusive 8 Series.

BMW says it takes more than 200 hours to apply the Pop Art livery at the factory, so only four cars are produced per week. While the exterior is lavishly decorated, underneath is a regular BMW 850i xDrive Gran Coupé with no mechanical changes.

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Inside is a different story, with a Spiderman-inspired mix of red and blue leather trim that looks like a superhero’s chest. It also includes a Jeff Koons signature, and a special plaque that matches a special certificate of authenticity signed by Koons and BMW president Oliver Zipse.

“My edition of the BMW 8 Series is my dream car,” said Koons.

“It’s very special to me and I’ve wanted to make a special BMW edition for a long time. It’s sporty and flashy as well as minimalist and conceptual. I can’t wait to drive it and drive it, and I hope people just will enjoy the Gran Coupe as much as I do.

P 90449942 High Resolution The 8 X Jeff Koons L


“On the car, the lines expand as they travel from the hood to the trunk, creating a sense of forward motion, just like the ‘POP!’ and so do the vapor thrust design elements. The blue color resembles the vastness of space, and I like the idea that the car is a global car.”

The first BMW Art Car from the Koons collection will be auctioned in April this year at Christie’s in New York, with the last 98 others being sold directly by BMW at a price on request.