BOREALIS on the lake at Lake Daylesford

See Lake Daylesford like never before as streaks of beautiful dancing light waves captivate and enchant you through a spectacular and unique light show installation.

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BOREALIS on the Lake, Daylesford, Victoria

BOREALIS on the Lake takes place in Daylesford – an Australia destination synonymous with an escape and a place to relax from the daily grind of the city.

Like its surroundings, BOREALIS on the Lake is an experience that will put visitors at ease for a few minutes by focusing on an engaging experience far from the stress of the hustle and bustle of the city.

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Created by Swiss-based artist Dan Acher, BOREALIS on the Lake was founded as a result of his desire to create a space where strangers come together and connect beyond their differences.

In addition, he hopes that this Borealis light experience can foster a sense of belonging and community in a society that has been forced to be isolated for years.

If you thought you’d never see a Northern Lights Aurora in Australia, Borealis on the Lake will help you tick it off your bucket list without even leaving the country! Combining technology and art, BOREALIS on the Lake provides an artistic rendering of unique auroras over Daylesford Lake.

During your visit, BOREALIS on the Lake will give off a surreal feeling thanks to the different colors, movement, density of light rays and changing weather conditions. This leads to a mesmerizing one-of-a-kind display every night.

To take this experience to the next level, the show will also include an auditory experience as the rays of light dance to the rhythm of the beautifully composed soundtrack by French composer Guillaume Desbois.

The music has an ethereal feel to match the auroras and is layered, created using synthesizers and traditional instruments.

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Planning on arriving in Daylesford a little earlier than your booked show to explore and enjoy all that the area has to offer? Why not make it a weekend. If you’re looking for places to stay, check out this post with all my favorite family-friendly stays in Daylesford.

BOREALIS on the Lake will take place on Lake Daylesford from Friday, July 15 through Sunday, September 4, 2022 every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings from 6-9pm with tickets costing $20 per person. While limited on-site parking is available, the ticketed shuttle service is available every Friday and Saturday from Daylesford Town Hall. To avoid missing out and secure your date for the show, book your tickets here in advance.