Boxer Sam Abdulrahim shot in chest after abandoned funeral in Melbourne

A professional boxer and associate of the Mongols bike gang fights for his life after being shot while leaving a funeral Melbourne

Sam Abdulrahim – known as “The Punisher” – was shot at least three times in the chest at noon today after attending a funeral at Fawkner Cemetery, north Melbourne.

Law enforcement say people in a Mazda SUV fired shots at Abdulrahim’s Mercedes before fleeing the scene.

The assailants then hit a pole.

“The offending car fled and collided with a fire hydrant and pole on Box Forest Road, near Sydney Road,” Victoria Police said.

“The occupants ran from the damaged vehicle and carjacked a nearby Ford Territory before driving away.”

Police said a female driver and a young child were in the Ford Territory at the time but unharmed during the confrontation.

Abdulrahim himself drove to a police station and was transported to the Royal Melbourne Hospital in critical condition.

Fawkner resident Danny Perini said it was shocking that the incident happened so close to home.

“A friend drove by and said there was some commotion at the police station,” he said.

‘There has been shooting here. That car has some holes through the window.

“It’s just a little worrying since we only live 500 meters away.”

Victoria Police have confirmed that officers from the Armed Crime Squad are investigating the incident and searching for the perpetrators.

Police confirm the shooting was a targeted attack.

Anyone who has CCTV footage of the incident or saw anything related to the shooting are asked to contact police.