Brave Russian volunteers defy Vladimir Putin to help desperate refugees fleeing Ukraine – World News


Volunteers helped rescue about 1,000 refugees from the devastation in Mariupol, Ukraine. The brave Russians are severely punished if caught, but want to help the Ukrainians

Olexandr Fedorov at the Polish border with one of his Russian helpers
Olexandr Fedorov at the Polish border with one of his Russian helpers

Brave Russians Against the War help desperate Ukrainian refugees from Mariupol flee to safety.

The volunteers, who are severely punished if caught, are working with Ukrainian escape organizer Olexandr Fedorov, whose headquarters is a tent on the Polish border.

He says they helped rescue about 1,000 refugees.

Olexandr, 48, said: “There are only two ways to get out of Mariupol: west to Ukraine, which is incredibly risky because of the shelling, or to Russia.

“To save lives, we had to work with Russian volunteers.

“These people are against the war. They have asked our forgiveness.”

Destroyed buildings in Mariupol, Ukraine


Olexandr Fedorov)

Many Ukrainians from Mariupol have ended up in camps in remote areas of Russia. Others who pass checks and interrogations are left to fend for themselves in the vast land.

But Olexandr and his anti-Putin allies have even helped some to flee Russia and flee to Europe by putting them on trains to St Petersburg.

“From there they go to Estonia,” said Olexandr.

Russian President Vladimir Putin



Putin knocks down any Russian who speaks out against his barbaric war.

Describing his “special military operation” as an invasion could face up to 15 years in prison. But the resistance is slowly growing, experts think.

A Russian military court last month convicted 115 members of the National Guard for refusing to fight.

And there are reports that Russian troops have defected to fight alongside the Ukrainians.

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