Brit Bidcock’s first Tour de France victory

L’Alpes Douier (France) – Britain’s Thomas Bidcock took his first Tour de France victory by finishing in first place on the twelfth stage, which was run over a distance of 165.5 km between Bryanson and Lalpe Douier, while remaining at the top of the general classification with the yellow jersey in favor of Jonas Weingegaard from Denmark.

The 22-year-old, who is taking part in the French Tour for the first time, finished the stage 48 seconds ahead of South African Louis Mainetis, while his experienced compatriot Chris Froome, 37, who won the Tour title four times between 2013 and 2015. 2017 came in third with a difference of 2.06 minutes.

Although he finished the stage in sixth place, directly behind Slovenian champion Tadi Bogachar for the past two years, Vinggaard remained at the top of the general classification as he scored the same time as the Slovenian, who lost the yellow jersey in the last leg. to the Dane.

Bidcock, who won gold at the Tokyo Olympics last summer, settled the battle for him as a result of his superiority in the part that was on the podium.

He commented: “When I went down, the others didn’t want to risk overtaking me. I won my first leg on my first tour. It’s not a bad result.”

After two clearly mountainous stages uphill and downhill, the riders now move on to the thirteenth flat stage, which stretches over 193 km between Le Porte-Douazon and Saint-Etienne.