Britney Spears’s lawyer claims her former business manager made HOW MUCH from her conservatory?!


Britney Spears’ lawyer, Matthew Rosengart, thinks her former corporate executives have had a bigger hand in the pop sensation conservatory than they care to say.

According to Varietythe lawyer filed new documents claiming that Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group was not only involved in creating the controversial legal settlement, but received at least $18 million from it. OMG! As you know, the company and its founder, Lou Taylorworked for years as the business manager of the 40-year-old singer between 2008 and 2020. Tri Star was hired by Britney’s father, Jamie Spearsright around the time he put her under guardianship.

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And while the group has vehemently denied any involvement in the scheme, Rosengart’s new court documents insist they played a major role in facilitating it. As stated in the declaration:

“Tri Star, Lou Taylor, and Robin Greenhill have all denied that Tri Star was involved in the founding of the conservatory. At the time of custody of this court in early 2008, Tri Star had no part in Ms. Spears’s affairs.” The filing also references media interviews in which Tri Star denied their involvement with the conservatory. These denials by Tri Star and its representatives are false.”

He also wrote that Tri Star received “more than $18 million from the conservatory that helped create it.” Sadly, we’re not surprised that Lou, Robin and Tri Star have benefited so much from her conservatory – but this is still a mess. In addition, Rosengart states that Tri Star “built his company on the back of Britney Spears”, adding:

“Despite her integral role at the time of the conservatory’s founding, despite reaping at least $18 million from Britney Spears while she was a conservator, and despite building her brand on Ms Spears’ name and incredible talent and hard work…when Tri Star’s counsel was informally asked by the undersigned counsel in late 2021 for basic information about the conservatorship… Tri Star, like Mr. Spears, chose to oppose and cover up.”


Since Britney’s conservatorship ended, Rosengart has been determined to investigate Tri Star’s behavior over the years — even hiring the PI firm kroll to investigate the matter. In addition, the new filing contained alleged emails found by Kroll sent between Taylor, Jamie and his former attorney. Geraldine Wyleain which he discussed the details of the conservatory before it even started in February 2008. According to court documents, Taylor is said to have written to the 69-year-old father on January 17, 2008 that she had spoken with Wyle and her co-counsel:

†[Andrew Wallet] and Tri Star will serve as cos [with] you.”

Taylor then sent a message to Wyle:

“Looking forward to working with you.”

Another email that Wyle allegedly sent to Taylor on January 30, 2008 read:

“We’ve had a problem with [the] selection of judges… the only judge who can hear our case on Friday is the only drug [sic] which does not authorize Jamie to administer psychotropic drugs? [to Britney Spears]†

According to the legal documents, other emails seemingly suggested Taylor wanted to be a co-curator, including one from February 2008 in which she reportedly said:

“I am the right person for this.”

She continued in another post in 2008:

“I fought for Jamie for 3 years, prayed and fasted with him every week and life has changed dramatically because of this determination.”


It doesn’t look good for them, if this is true!

In response to the allegations, a lawyer for Tri Star, Scott Edelmandenied everything on Saturday Varietysaying:

“This is materially misleading. As all the evidence makes abundantly clear, the conservatory was founded on the recommendation of a legal counsel, not Tri Star, and approved by the court for over 12 years. In fact, Tri Star wasn’t even the business manager of the conservatory when it was founded. Selected excerpts from emails cannot change the facts, so this nonsense will end once and for all when the records are unsealed.”

The next court hearing is scheduled for July 13 at the Los Angeles Superior Courthouse, so we’ll see what happens then. In the meantime, are you shocked by how much Tri Star reportedly made from Britney’s Conservatory? Sound OFF in the comments (below).

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