Bryton Unveils Gardia R300 Rearview Radar and Taillight

Bryton had a large booth at Eurobike showing everything from the extensive list of head units to a new indoor trainer (more on that later). But perhaps the most interesting thing on the stand was the new Gardia R300 rearview radar and taillight device.

Bryton’s entry into the vehicle detection radar game with the new Gardia R300 is an exciting development in an industry previously dominated by Garmin. The Gardia R300 boasts some impressive stats capable of detecting approaching vehicles up to 150 meters away, with a 220° viewing angle and with both audible and visual alerts.

The battery life is also impressive. With six different operating modes, including ‘high solid’ with a run time of nine hours, ‘Low Solid’ (12 hours), ‘Group Ride’ (10 hours), ‘Night Flash’ (22 hours) and ‘Day Flash’ ” ( 27 hours). The R300 also offers radar detection when the lights are turned off for up to 40 hours of rearview camera surveillance.

A small LED along the bottom portion of the device indicates connectivity status and battery level indicators.

Speaking of connectivity, the radar features both ANT+ and Bluetooth and as with the Garmin offering, it can be paired with any radar-compatible head unit.

Bryton also has a Gardia app, which would unlock the full potential of the new radar. The Gardia app will play audible alerts through a smartphone’s built-in speakers (and presumably through headphones), and vibrate the connected phone as a vehicle approaches. The app also displays the approaching vehicle status and provides light control in addition to firmware updates if required.

The units measure 97mm x 20.9mm x 40mm, weigh just 68g and can be attached via a simple quarter turn fastener. That mount is coupled to a seatpost mount with rubber bands that fits any seatpost. The R300 has an IPX7 water rating and ticks another box.

As recently reported, Garmin has updated the Varia to now include a camera, but Bryton’s R300 offering brings a new option to the hugely popular rearview radar market without the hassle of a camera. We have yet to get our hands on the R300 for a review, but hope to do so in the near future.