Bugaboo Butterfly City Travel Car

If you’re looking for the perfect compact pushchair or pushchair for busy city life or an easy-going travel stroller for your next plane or train adventure, we’ve got some good news for you!

Bugaboo, the first-class Dutch stroller designers, have launched an ultra-compact city travel stroller: the Bugaboo Butterfly.

Get ready to fall in love with the Bugaboo Butterfly, because this stroller will make your busy city and travel life easy.

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Bugaboo Butterfly Travel Cart Features

1. A folding and unfolding system that only needs one hand

You literally only need one second to fold the Bugaboo Butterfly without taking extra steps.

Imagine taking your little copilot to a busy cafe, transferring him or her from your car to the pram, hopping on a train around town or even boarding a plane – these occasions can easily turn into a hectic nightmare for parents.

Fortunately, the Butterfly pushchair lets you handle those situations effortlessly.

To fold the stroller, you only need one hand, leaving the other hand free to carry your baby or drink your latte. You don’t have to adjust the seat, fold the hood, close the leg rest or take off a footmuff.

When it comes to unfolding the stroller, one click, one hand, then gravity does the work.

2. Its lightweight and ultra-compact design makes it easy to carry and store

Weighing only 7.3 kg and measuring 45 x 23 x 54 cm when folded, the Bugaboo Butterfly is small and neat enough to be stored almost anywhere: under tables, in hallways, in the trunk of cars and in luggage areas.

Plus, its sturdy upright design ensures it stands up wherever you put it.

The Butterfly stroller is certified for air travel by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

3. Storage space big enough to carry everything you need on the go

It’s only when you become a parent that you will know how many essentials you need to take with you on a trip or just shopping in the city with your little one.

A large storage compartment on a pushchair is essential, and the basket under the Butterfly pushchair seat can hold up to 8kg. Carrying all the goodies is so easy and it’s accessible from both sides, meaning your essentials are always within reach.

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A spacious seat for your growing toddlers (especially the active ones!)

One of the best features of the ultra-compact Butterfly that deserves a compliment is the Butterfly’s extra-large seat. The Butterfly has perhaps the most spacious seat of all ultra-compact strollers with a backrest of no less than 63 cm. Not to mention the Butterfly’s advanced four-wheel suspension with iconic Bugaboo wheels providing a hard-wearing exterior and a shock-absorbing interior, it gives your growing little human enough flexibility and comfort to be a happy passenger. Your days strolling around the city can now be more relaxed without worrying about any inconveniences during your travels. Happy child, happy life!

Bugaboo Butterfly Travel Car

A stroller that offers the ultimate place for a nap

Making sure your little human can take a nap when he or she needs it, even when you’re hurtling down busy streets, is like a dream come true. The Bugaboo Butterfly has an adjustable seat, which allows you to adjust the backrest up to 143 degrees. And the best part is that you can only operate the stroller with one hand!

If your curious toddlers are up for some fun, you can slide the canopy back so they can explore the world, but when they’re ready for a nap, a large sun canopy and roomy seat become important. Butterfly’s four-panel retractable sun canopy provides good enough coverage to provide your toddler with a quiet space, and the super roomy seat and extra padded cushioning let your toddler sit back and relax, even in the heart of the city.

A stroller that also looks good

To all fashionable parents, we hear you! You need a stroller not only to answer your concerns about convenience and comfort, but also to look good and match your everyday looks and the colorful city life. The Butterfly offers a slim frame and a modern color palette with the colors Stormy Blue, Forest Green and Midnight Black. Get ready to be asked about your stroller on the street!

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A stroller with which you can make accessories

The Butterfly works well with Bugaboo accessories. With integrated accessory points, clipping on the cup holder for an iced tea on the go or clipping on the parasol to give your little one some luxurious shade has never been easier. It also works perfectly with footmuffs, for the cooler winter days. Wrap your little one in a water-repellent Bugaboo footmuff during rainy seasons or when you’re out and about in the cold winter months, and you can choose a stylish footmuff color to suit their eyes, with the new pine green, sea blue and evening pink colors available, as well as the classic black and gray melange options.

Bugaboo Butterfly stroller

A stroller with the Bugaboo DNA

Founded in 1999, the Dutch brand Bugaboo has made a name for itself with its innovative technology and premium quality. As many Bugaboo veterans would agree, Bugaboo is the pioneering pushchair brand and they never fail to invent the best pushchair with the most thoughtful features in each pushchair category. And don’t just take our word for it, some of Australia’s fanciest mums, from Tammy Hembrow to Elyse Knowles, have been spotted strolling a Bugaboo!

Features such as four-wheel suspension, central joint suspension, four-wheel to two-wheel convertible design and more were proudly invented by Bugaboo. Speaking of high quality, Bugaboo has performed over 1,500 safety tests on every Bugaboo pushchair, 900 more than required, so safety really comes first! The Bugaboo Butterfly has been officially launched and can now be ordered on the Bugaboo website.

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