Builder oriented suspension above Taylors Hill balcony

A commercial construction company faces an imminent suspension of up to three years for construction law violations related to the construction of a balcony in Taylors Hill, where the builder disregarded an instruction to resolve the construction work given by the relevant construction expert , according to the Victorian Building Authority

Nader Property Constructions Pty Ltd was also fined $17,500 by the VBA for ignoring direction to repair.

The VBA said that after ignoring an initial verbal instruction to repair cracks in the bricks and mortar, the company was ordered to demolish the brick pier because the masonry was disturbed and unstable, creating a life safety issue.

A structural engineer inspected the balcony structure and found it to be flawed, with the pergola installation misaligned and the concrete-filled brick pier both cracked and misaligned, according to the VBA.

David Brockman, executive director of VBA’s regulatory operations, said balcony safety is paramount and the regulator had taken decisive action against the company.

“If practitioners do not follow the rules, we will take all appropriate steps to protect Victorians,” he said.

“Consumers should not be out of pocket if a practitioner breaks the rules, so an instruction can be given to fix it.

“Building inspectors play a vital role in ensuring that practitioners abide by the rules. In this case, the relevant construction expert acted quickly by reporting the builder’s inaction to the supervisor.”

The suspension of Nader Property Constructions does not apply if it complies with the instructions and demonstrates that it can remedy the defects for the consumer. Either way, the fine is due and the builder has made arrangements to pay.